Easy Travel Outfits For Every Season

Today kicks off Travel Week here on AudreyALaMode.com! With summer in full swing, travel is bound to happen so this week I want to share a few of my favorite travel tips and tricks. From what to wear when traveling, to the packing mistakes we all make, I hope these posts will help ease some of the stress that comes with travel. We're starting things off with easy travel outfits for every season. Each of these looks is super simple to recreate with basic closet staples and will help you arrive at your destination looking chic and put-together - with very little effort. 

Let's start off with winter. In my experience, winter travel is the easiest to dress for, because layers are king and you rarely have to worry about competing temperatures like you do in spring, summer and sometimes fall. 

When it comes to putting together a travel outfit, I like to start with a simple base of comfortable pieces that I love to wear. For me, that typically means a cozy sweater that isn't too fitted and either a pair of comfortable but neat trousers (bonus points if the pants are wrinkle-resistant like these) or a great pair of jeans. If you're taking a long haul flight, I love pull on style pants that still look tailored like these. I also like to wear darker shades like navy, black and grey when traveling to avoid any obvious staining. A dark base means one less thing to worry about and I find that it makes the whole process a lot easier. Once I have my base sorted, I'll add layers and accessories as needed.

From there, I like to add a coat that will easily go with everything else I'm packing, a cozy scarf, and a hat and gloves as needed. When it comes to footwear, I don't think you can go wrong with ankle or chelsea boots because they're incredibly comfortable, can be dressed up or down, go with with pants, skirts and dresses alike, and can be slipped on and off at airport security.

Riding boots or snow boots are another good option if you need to protect your feet from the elements, but I find that they can be a little more cumbersome so I tend to opt for ankle boots most of the time. 

Once that's all done, I like to add my everyday jewelry which typically consists of my finer pieces so that I avoid leaving them unattended in my carry-on while it's stowed (again, one less thing to worry about). Last but not least is a versatile handbag that will go with everything I'm packing. Here I've chosen a tote because it can double as an extra suitcase of sorts for a smaller handbag etc, but a small crossbody is just as great


As you know, spring is my favorite season but I find that it can be a tricky one to dress for - especially when traveling. To keep things light and airy but also appropriate for the shifting weather, I like to start my travel outfits off with a simple top and jeans.

For me, this is typically a white blouse and classic pair of straight leg or skinny jeans but you could just as easily opt for a t-shirt and trousers if you prefer. 

From there, I like to swap my ankle boots for a pair of slip on sneakers that protect my feet from the airport floor, but still feel light enough for spring. Next, I throw on a large scarf which is a travel essential for me. The one pictured here is my new Sabina Savage scarf but you can easily find these just about everywhere to suit your budget and color palette. I love this one under $50, this solid one for $60, this slightly smaller one for $95, and this one for $192.  

To finish the look and keep things practical, I like to add a light jacket. A blazer is always a favorite of mine, but here I've shown a light open jacket in a spring shade. A trench would also be a great choice because it can easily be worn over any other outfit you've packed for the trip and isn't too casual or too formal. 

Much like the first look, I completed it with sunglasses and simple, everyday jewelry and a versatile crossbody bag.  

white shirt jeans / coat (this is a cute option for $70) / purse / wool & cashmere scarf sunglasses / solid gold hoops / signet ringslip on sneakers carry-on bag

Dressing for the airport during the summer is no easy task. On the one hand, you have to dress appropriately for the heat and humidity of summer, but on the other, you have to dress for the air conditioner and drafts of the airport and airplanes.

To work around both, I like to swap my traditional trousers and jeans for a lighter pair of pants or even culottes. I find that this silhouette is easy to work with, travels well and keeps you warm on the plane but not too warm when you land. If you don't typically get cold on planes, then a simple skirt or dress would also work perfectly. 

Next, I like to wear a cute top that isn't too simple and then, because I get cold easily, a light topper like a denim jacket is a must. For footwear, I think you can't go wrong with an easy pair of slip on sneakers that you can easily trade for your sandals when you land. For my handbag, I like to pick something summery to help make the rest of my wardrobe feel season appropriate. It's amazing what a difference a handbag makes. Last but not least, I wear my go-to jewelry and a great pair of sunglasses. 

pants / cute top / denim jacket / straw bagsunglasses / solid gold hoops / signet ring /carry-on bag


Last but not least, fall. I LOVE dressing for fall and it's easily my favorite time to travel as well. There's just something about the crisp air, changing leaves and incredible beauty of autumn that gets me so excited about taking a weekend trip to the country, the city (hello central park in fall!) or the mountains.

Beyond just the fun and excitement that comes with fall, I think it's one of the easiest seasons to dress for and that makes dressing for fall travel a breeze. To start things off, I like to begin with a base like the rest of my outfits here that consists of a simple pair or pants or jeans and a cozy, comfortable sweater. I find that especially in early fall, the intense cold of winter hasn't quite set in yet, so I can get away with just a blazer.

To keep my neck warm and add another level of coziness to my look, I like to wear a warm scarf (bonus points if it's in a fall shade) and slip on a great pair of ankle boots. Sued is always nice for fall and I've had this pair on my wish list for almost 2 years. Simple jewelry and a versatile tote complete the look. You could also add a hat if you like. 

sweater / suede ankle boots / blazerjeanssunglasses / solid gold hoops / signet ringcarry-on bag / cozy scarf / grey tote