On My Radar No 44

Happy Friday! This week has flown by quicker than usual since Jason and I were out of town last weekend visiting my family in Florida and didn't get back to Charleston until Monday afternoon. It was such a wonderful trip and my only complaint is that family time always seems to end too quickly. I'm already counting down the days until Christmas. In the meantime, here are a few of the things that have been on my radar this week.

IGTV | First up is Instagram's latest update - IGTV. This new feature which allows users to share videos up to 1 hour long, has been receiving mixed reviews and I'm personally not sure how I feel about it. I'd love to know if you're a fan and if you'd like to see more casual videos posted on Instagram in between my planned and edited videos on YouTube. 

AMTRAK SALE | Next up is a two-for-one Amtrak deal that's the perfect incentive to book a fall train trip this year. As a kid, my family rode the Amtrak across several states when we moved one time and I've been wanting to do it again ever since.  

NEW STYLE DIRECTOR FOR J CREW ANNOUNCED | It's no surprise that J.Crew has been struggling lately and with a few exceptions, many of their items have slipped in quality but risen in price. I haven't given up hope yet though and I'm excited to see how their new style director influences the company - hopefully for the better.

HOW 4 WOMEN GOT THEIR STYLE BACK | I discuss personal style constantly here and on my YouTube channel because I think the true key to sartorial happiness is dressing the way you want to dress. Not how someone tells you to dress or how you think you should dress for your age, height, weight, coloring, proportions etc. I think it's so easy to lose sight of this throughout our lives and it's something that we should continually be reevaluating so I love this round-up of how a 4 women rediscovered their true style.