How To Style A Denim Jacket All Year | Project 1-4-4


I'm excited to share a new installment of my Project 1-4-4 series where I style 1 closet staple, 4 ways across all 4 seasons. Today is all about the denim jacket and how I like to change mine up for the perfect layer all year long. 

As you'll see from the video below, I've changed things up a little with this new episode because I'm styling 2 denim jackets and sharing more than just my typical 4 looks. I decided to go this route because I have two denim jackets in my closet and I love the different silhouettes and washes for different reasons and different looks. By including both of them in this video, I hope that I'll help you either hone in on the silhouette that will work the best for you and your personal style, or give you some inspiration so that you can style the existing jacket that you have. 

Before we hop into the video though, let's go over the two jackets that I'll be working with.

First up is the dark wash, classic, slim fit and slightly cropped jacket that you see to the left (this outfit is coming soon!). I've had this little J.Crew jacket for years and I love it for the fit, color and versatility that it offers. For me, because I'm 5'4" and have a small frame prefer a slimmer fit for my jackets because they help define my shape without suffocating me. If you're in a similar boat or just want your clothes to fit you well, you'll likely prefer something similar.

Plus, the dark wash is ideal for dressing up and down. Within reason of course! A denim jacket will never be formal wear ready but it can take you from brunch to dinner seamlessly and looks lovely when paired with everything from shorts to skirts to dresses. 

The second denim jacket I have is a recent addition to my wardrobe. Everlane very graciously gifted me this jacket to try and it's quickly become a favorite. Even though I wasn't asked to include it in this video and this post is not sponsored, I thought it would be a wonderful addition to the line-up because it offers a boxier, slightly oversized and more modern fit that's just different enough from my J.Crew one. Also, the medium wash helps dress it down even further and I find that goes perfectly with all of the colors I wear regularly. Now let's hop into the video and the lookbook that I filmed featuring both jackets. I've embedded it below along with a few denim jackets that are currently available if you're in the market for one. Thanks so much for watching!