Summer Capsule Wardrobe


Today I'm sharing my 23 piece summer capsule wardrobe.

Like always, this capsule doesn't include shoes, accessories our outerwear and most of these pieces are repeats from previous seasons and are closet staples that I've had for years.

As you know, I prefer to start my capsules with the same base of closet staples each season, and then add and remove trendier pieces and seasonal items as needed.

For me, this method is much more doable and far less overwhelming.

Plus, it helps me keep my overall closet in check because I don't run the risk of overlooking something I actually love just because it's out of sight and out of mind. I've linked more information about each item down below along with my color palette and corresponding video so that you can see a closer look at each piece.  



If you saw my  summer capsule planning video, then my color palette should come as no surprise.

Much like I planned in that video, my go-to colors this season are many of the shades I like to wear year-round with a majority of black, white, navy and blue.

My accent colors are still pink and green but I don't have any pink clothing and instead this color will be represented in my accessories, and I only have one green clothing item.

The remainder of my green will also be reflected in my accessories. 


Now let's get into the 23 pieces. Like I mentioned earlier, most of these items are repeats from previous seasons and many of these items are things I've had and worn for years. I love how these pieces that are well-made and compliment my personal style really do stand the test of time. With proper care, many of these items have lasted well over a year and have carried me through multiple seasons effortlessly. Also, you'll notice that some of these items are very similar to one another. While I could easily choose one or the other, I like to have similar pieces because at this point in my life and my personal style journey I know what I like to wear and I know the pieces that I need to create my personal "uniforms." So, rather than have difference and variation just for the sake of it, I'm content having a closet full of pieces that are interchangeable and easily used for any of my go-to looks. I've outlined everything below, along with how long I've had each item and you can see the pieces in action in my corresponding video at the bottom of this post. 

  1. White Tailored ShirtBrooks Brothers | Replaced my old one earlier this year
  2. White Short Sleeve Cotton ShirtMango | New this year
  3. Off The Shoulder Black Tee | Old Navy | Purchased last year
  4. Black T-Shirt| Grana | C/O Grana last year
  5. Linen T-Shirt Grana | Purchased last year, no longer available
  6. White Cotton T-Shirt| Everlane | Purchased last year
  7. Navy and White Striped Tee | J.Crew | Purchased 2 years ago
  8. Blue and White Striped Wrap Top | Zara | Purchased last year
  9. Solid Blue Oxford Everlane | Purchased earlier this year
  10. Striped Blue Oxford Everlane | C/O Everlane earlier this year
  11. Black Linen Dress TopShop | Purchased earlier this season
  12. Blue & White Striped Linen Dress Mango | Purchased earlier this season
  13. Skinny Jeans Everlane | Purchased late last year
  14. Boyfriend Jeans | Levi's | Purchased while living in the city 4+ years ago 
  15. Green Chinos LOFT | Purchased 2 years ago
  16. Black Pants | H&M | Purchased while living in the city over 5 years ago
  17. Black Shorts LOFT | Purchased 2 years ago
  18. Denim Shorts | Levi's | Purchased 3+ years ago
  19. White Linen Shorts J.Crew | Purchased at least 4 years ago
  20. Black Linen Shorts J.Crew | Purchased from Poshmark earlier this season
  21. Black Pencil Skirt | Everlane | Purchased earlier this year
  22. Black A-Line Skirt LOFT | Purchased 2 years ago
  23. Silk Paisley Skirt | Massimo Dutti | Purchased while living in the city over 5 years ago