Buy Now Wear Forever: The Signet Ring Part 4


It's finally here! Today I'm incredibly excited to share my new Ruff's signet ring with you.

As you know, I'm a brand ambassador for Ruff's Signet Rings and for the last few months I've been working with their team to create my own signet. Today I want to share the finished product with you.

Like I shared in my last post, I chose a straight oval for it's classic silhouette, 18K gold for it's rich hue, and a bumblebee design because of the rich symbolism tied to these tiny little workers. 

I've also chosen to wear my ring on my pinky because I like the tradition of it, and the fact that not many people wear rings on their outer digits. This automatically allows the ring to make a statement but because the ring is delicate, it's still subtle enough for my jewelry tastes. Needless to say, I am completely in love with the finished product and every little detail far exceeded my expectations. From the incredible customer service to the beautiful packaging and impeccable craftsmanship, I am completely over the moon and I can't thank the Ruff's team enough. 

Heraldic Bees - number - 5 - signet-ring.jpg

On the left you can see the finished product and on the right you can see the design that I chose. The amount of detail is incredible and the ring comes with a wax impression of the engraving so you can see the intricate details. When I opened the package I was completely in awe of the amount of detail visible in such a small design. It's truly remarkable. 

I've compiled a video all about signets in general and the details of my own, plus a free eBook full of the details from my last 3 blog posts so that you can easily take the information with you as you select your own ring. I've embedded the video and eBook down below for you and I'd love to know if you decide to get a signet and what you ultimately choose. Or, if you already have one, I would love if you shared some of the details with me! Thank you so much for stopping by and thank you again to Ruff's Signet Rings.