On My Radar No 48


Happy Friday from humid Charleston! Since I've been trying to embrace my natural hair texture and finally learn how to work with my waves, humidity has been one of my biggest obstacles. (That and the fact that my hair takes over 10 hours to air dry !!!).

So, as I spend another day testing different products and remedies for frizz, I'm also filming some new videos for when I'll be in Maine, and preparing for our trip to Vacationland. In the meantime though, here are a few of the things that have caught my eye this week.

VICTORIA BECKHAM X OLD MASTERS | I love how Victoria Beckham incorporated classic paintings into her showroom. It's such an unexpected way to appreciate the old masters and the juxtaposition between her modern designs and these classic paintings is just wonderful. 

SURPRISING WAYS DEHYDRATION AFFECTS US | As a former classic vocalist, dehydration is my number one concern and this article about the surprising ways dehydrating affects us is very informative. 

DIY CURE FOR DARK CIRCLES | I love a good DIY, especially when it comes to beauty and this cure for dark circles looks like it actually works!