On My Radar No 50



Happy Friday! Nothing too exciting or out of the ordinary to report on this sunny Friday but I am happy to share that this week was filled with plenty of walks with Maddie, lots of sunshine and a healthy dose of work. I love waking up early during the summer and this week was particularly wonderful for that.

This weekend I'm hoping to do some yard work so that we can get everything ready for the gorgeous weather that we'll have the next few months, and maybe some antiquing - what more do you need? In the meantime, here are some of the things that have been on my radar this week.

CHRISTMAS IN NEW YORK | When I was living in New York, plenty of things about the city made life less than easy, but those were all forgiven the second she came alive for Christmas. There's something so special about seeing the city all lit up for the holidays and this round-up of some of the best things to do for Christmas is perfect.   

LILY ALDRIDGE'S HOUSE | I love old homes and this tour of Lily Aldridge's historic home is lovely.

MASSIMO DUTTI VIDEO | This campaign video for the new Massimo Dutti collection is beautiful and so inspiring! 

WHY DO ALL NEWS ANCHORS HAVE THE SAME HAIR | There is no denying that hair is a key piece of our personal style pies and it's so wonderful to see how people showcase their style through their hair on any given day. When it comes to a professional setting though, sometimes that freedom can be stifled and this article about why female news anchors all have the same hair is definitely worth a read.