Top Fall Trends | 2018

Fall is almost here and if you're anything like me, you've already started to plan your fall wardrobe and to think about the pieces you may want to add. While I think establishing a base of classics that you can wear for years is essential to a well-rounded wardrobe, I also love adding trendy pieces from time to time to keep things feeling fresh. For me, these additions help me stay content with my classic base and not grow tired of essentially wearing the same thing over and over again. So, in light of fall fashion, today I want to share some of the top wearable trends for fall 2018. 


First up is what I'm dubbing "New Monochrome" and it's hands down my favorite trend this season. Even though monochromatic dressing isn't new, this season we're seeing it pop up in two new colors - red and brown. From cherry red to rich wine, every shade of red was seen on the runways in cohesive looks that popped, and I love this! If red is your color, this is your time to shine and you can wear varying shades of this glorious color and be perfectly on trend. I also love how this looks topped off with a red lip. If you're not completely on board with head-to-toe red, subtle pops here and there are an easy way to incorporate this fiery shade into your existing wardrobe as well. For brown, these colors range from rich chocolate, caramel and camel and every shade in between. What makes it feel particularly relevant for the new season though, is brown done with a 70's flare. 


Next up is a close second for my favorite - sleek black leather, especially in dresses. I LOVE this trend and couldn't be happier to see sleek leather or pleather coming back. If you're petite like I am, a lot of leather items can be overpowering with all of the embellishments and buckles but this sleeker leather is perfect for everyone. I especially love the collarless, sleek leather jackets that we'll be seeing more of because they're so versatile. The neckline goes with anything and the sleeker silhouette can be dressed up or down effortlessly - which is what I love. 


Plaid for fall is not new but this season it's out in full force and in every form from traditional to modern. From classic cuts, colors and styles to modern variations in bold colors, plaid was all over the runways in coats, pants, skirts, suits and more. It was also often paired with leather or patent leather which demonstrated how sleek leather and plaid can be paired together this season for a great look. What I love about this trend is that you can find a variation of plaid to suit you and can easily find plaid pieces in vintage, second hand and thrift stores everywhere. Plus, you can go as bold or as a bland as you like. 


It's all about animal print this season and this is such a fun trend to take part in - especially if you like to keep your wardrobe super simple and want to add interest without adding color. Every variation of animal print was out in full force on the runways and there was even special attention paid to faux crocodile shoes and accessories which is such an easy thing to find second hand. 


Sparkle in the form of sequins and crystals is everywhere for fall 2018 and while the runways were full of head-to-toe sparkly looks, I think this a very wearable trend that you can incorporate in the form of blazers, skirts, tops or accessories to suit your preferences and personal style. I personally am all about the bold crystal earrings that we're seeing everywhere because they're perfectly 80's (which is another major trend this season) and can be found second hand for pennies. 


Few things add luxurious interest to an outfit faster than faux fur and this season faux fur is on display. From shearling to faux mink, faux fur is in everything this season from coats, skirts bags and even shoes. Beyond looking incredibly luxe and being so cozy, I love this trend because there are so many gorgeous vintage coats on the market that need to be worn, and now is the perfect excuse! What I also love about this trend is that you can commit as much or as little as you like with small touches in a faux fur stole or collar or a full length coat and matching hat. 


Moody florals are a recurring trend every fall but this season they've been updated in romantic silhouettes and deep, red based color schemes. I think this is another wearable trend that's also perfect for romantic fall looks complete with riding boots and a hat. If that's a little much for you though, you can just as easily adopt this trend in your accessories like scarves, or in a smaller way in a shirt or skirt paired with a sleek leather jacket and jeans or classic blazer. 


The 80's are back (for better or for worse) and this is another trend that's super wearable and easy to find everywhere from thrift stores to department stores. Just like the other trends I've mentioned, you can commit as little or as much as you like to this trend and I think an easy way to incorporate it into your existing wardrobe is to find pieces in colors that you already wear and love but with an 80's cut or detailing, like ruching.    


For SS 2018 short suits were huge and the suit trend is continuing into fall with full suiting in rich fall shades, patterns and materials. I absolutely love this trend and I couldn't be happier to see a resurgence in this often overlooked wardrobe staple. Not only are suits a wonderful addition to your wardrobe, but they serve as a great base for countless outfits. You can wear the pieces together for a polished look or separate for a more relaxed approach. Best of all, a great suit can stick around in your wardrobe for years to come. 

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