On My Radar No 49


Happy Friday! Jason and I are back in Charleston after a wonderful week in Maine (with little to no cell service) and I already miss it. Each time I'm lucky enough to head up to Maine I'm reminded just how much I love it and I'm instantly hit with a desire to move back north. The change of seasons, the lower humidity, the architecture and so much more make me feel perfectly at home. So, while I spend the rest of the day dreaming of Maine, catching up on everything I missed while I was away and editing my Maine videos for you, here are some of the things that have been on my radar this week.

KERATIN TREATMENT | I've been on a bit of a hair journey most of this year trying to finally learn how to care for my natural hair texture. After many years of blowdrying and straightening my hair, I wanted to become re-aquatinted with my natural texture so that I have the option of wearing it both straight and wavy. There is certainly nothing wrong with heat styling or altering your natural texture, but on a personal level I wanted to feel like I had the choice of one or the other, and not like I was doing it just to fit in. Throughout this experiment, I've learned so much about my hair (my texture, porosity etc) and I'll be sharing an update very soon. In the meantime, one of my biggest obstacles has been humidity control and I've tried nearly everything under the sun. Especially here in the south where the heat and humidity are through the roof all summer, many of the methods I've tried haven't worked but one thing that has worked is a keratin infused conditioner and hair mask. The great results I've gotten from these have left me wanting to take the plunge on a keratin treatment, and I've been doing tons of research on the pros and cons. If you or anyone you know has done one, I'd love to know how you liked it. 

HOUSE OF CARDS SEASON 6 PREMIERE | I'm a huge House Of Cards fan and I can't wait for the premiere of season 6 later this year! I'm so excited for more Robin Wright and endless plot twists and turns. 

WHERE TO SPEND CHRISTMAS | It may only be August, but I'm already excited for Christmas and this list of festive places to spend the holidays has me dreaming of a winter wonderland.