On My Radar No 55

image via tumblr

image via tumblr

Before I hop into a few of things that have been on my radar this week, I want to take a minute to enjoy the outfit to the left. I found this image on Tumblr recently and am completely in love with the shades of tan, white and grey. This combination would look fantastic in the fall, winter or spring and it’s making me long for a relaxed, light camel coat. How chic!

Speaking of coats, I started to fully switch over my wardrobe for fall this week and plan my packing for London! Even though it’s still in the 90’s here, it should be slightly cooler by the time we get back and I can’t wait. I also spent some time planning a new video for next week all about some of my favorite fall essentials styled in new ways and I can’t wait to share it with you! Plus, my video on Sunday signals a professional milestone that I feel so lucky to reach with all of your incredible support. I hope you like it and I’m so excited to continue improving my video style and editing in the coming weeks and months.

Also, since I’ll be heading out of town in October and won’t be able to upload for a week or so, I want to post 3 videos next week. “Old Faves, New Ways” will be on of them and putting it together has inspired me to rework some of my favorites for my trip to London. I’m also excited to share my summer favorites. Since I had so many other videos I wanted to share this summer, my monthly favorites fell to the wayside but I’ll be back on track next week with a few of the things I’ve loved this summer.

In the meantime though, here are some of the things that have been on my radar this week.

COOK WITH MIMI THORRISON | You know how much I admire Mimi Thorrison and her impeccable taste in both food and fashion, and I find this old video of her cooking style endlessly inspiring this time of year.

CUYANA WALLET | I’ve never been a big wallet person and have had the same wallet for years. That said though, it’s a long thin wallet that while beautifully made does’t quite fit into my crossbody purse so I finally picked up a new one that can fit in all my purses. I haven’t received it yet, but I’ve been so impressed by the quality of my Cuyana makeup bags that I have no doubt it will be perfect.

HALLMARK MOVIES | You know it’s almost fall (and the holiday season!!!) when Hallmark announces their holiday movies.

SHOPBOP SALE | Last but not least, the ShopBop sale is in full swing (it ends tomorrow) and is a great way to get a discount on any of your fall wishlist items that are a little on the steep side.