Mad For Plaid | A Few Of My Favorite Plaid Pieces For Fall

image via tumblr

image via tumblr

I’m officially in full on fall planning! Even though it’s still very hot here in Charleston and will stay this way for a while, I’m beginning to switch over my closet for the new season and narrowing in on the items I’m going to add. One of the key things I have my eye on is a pair of plaid pants. For me, I think these will be the perfect way to blend trendy and classic and I’m excited to try out a lower end option this season to see how they work with my overall wardrobe, and if they’re worth investing more money and quality into in the future. Due to the style details (slim fit, wrinkle resistant if possible, ankle length, mid to high rise, muted color palette, belt loops) and lower budget I’m working with (under $50), many of the options I’ve honed in on aren’t made from 100% natural fibers but they are all classic and versatile and appear to be well constructed. Also, during my search for the perfect plaid pant, I’ve come across so many wonderful checked items and want to share some of them with you today.