How To Shop Less | Stop Wasting Time & Money (VIDEO)

Today I'm sharing my tops tips for shopping less. These are all things you can consider to help curb your shopping habit and start making smarter purchases today. I’ve embedded the video below along with a quick outline of what’s discussed after it. Thank you so much for watching xx Audrey


  • Get Inspired

    • Restyle an old favorite - When I get that urge to shop even though you don’t actually need anything new, I go to my wardrobe and pull out my favorite item. Then, I start mixing and matching it with other things in my wardrobe - across seasons and even across colors and themes that I wouldn’t normally wear together. If that isn’t enough to reinvigorate my love for what I already have, then I’ll scour pinterest for outfit ideas using the item I pulled out. I’m always amazed by how much this qualms my urge to shop and how much it helps me refocus on what I’m already so lucky to have. I’ve done videos on this in the past, but essentially, I like to come up with new ways to style what I already have in order to make something feel fresh. For example, maybe instead of wearing a blazer like I normally would I’ll roll the sleeves or cuff them or even belt it and pop the collar. Small tweaks are usually all it takes to make something feel free because just by changing up the silhouette you can remind yourself why you love it in the first place.

    • Along those same lines - keep Pinterest boards and Instagram folders of outfit ideas featuring your favorite items in your wardrobe. These boards will come in so handy when you feel the urge to shop because “you don’t have anything to wear”

  • Keep a wish list & don’t waver

    • I have been doing this for years and I can’t tell you how much it helps. You can see my wish list here.

  • Stop browsing

    • This is especially true if you browse when you’re bored and then inevitably end up buying something you don’t need. Instead of mindlessly shopping, try to fill your time in a more constructive way like reading or exercising or volunteering. Maybe you can pick up painting or start taking the voice or dance lessons you’ve always wanted.

  • Unfollow and unsubscribe from anything that tempts you to shop

    • This includes marketing e-mails that are constantly flooding your inbox with “new in” and “limited time only sales” and even bloggers and YouTube channels that constantly make you want to shop.

  • Declutter and organize your closet

    • If you haven’t done this already I can’t recommend it enough. it’s a wonderful way to ensure that you only have what you love and that everything is visible and easily accessible. If you can’t see anything how are you supposed to know what you have?

  • One in one out

    • I don’t personally subscribe to this method because I’ve shifted my thinking from shopping to building my personal style and I’m at the point now where 99% of my purchases are made with the intent of having them stick around for a long time, but if you’re not quite there this can be really helpful. Essentially, this method says that you only bring something new into your closet if you’re willing to part with something else. It can be a very effective way to consider every purchase carefully and avoid impulse buying.

  • Style Over Fashion

    • Since working to cultivate my personal style, I’ve been amazed by how little I want to shop! Rather than being easily swayed by the latest trends and fads, I have a clear idea of what my personal style is and what does and doesn’t enhance that, so I no longer feel the need to shop in pursuit of style. If you haven’t started on that journey yourself, I definitely recommend dedicating time to do so. I think you’ll be amazed by how much it helps.

  • No Buy Spree

    • Consider only shopping 2 times a year or once at the beginning of spring for the warm weather ahead and once in the fall for the cold weather that follows. Limiting your shopping to these times will really help you understand just how much you had been shopping before, and like the other tips I’ve mentioned it can also help you consider your purchases more carefully because you’re literally putting distance between yourself and shopping. And sometimes, distance is all we need to see things clearly.

  • Block the sites you shop too frequently

    • This is a hard core option but you can set up your computer and phone to block certain sites and it can be helpful to do this for those that you have a hard time quitting.

  • Redirect your thinking and set worthwhile goals that don’t involve shopping

    • My dad always says, we are our happiest while in pursuit of a worthwhile goal and if you find yourself shopping to fill a void or even because of boredom, a new goal may be just what you need. Maybe you want to take a trip in a few months. Try redirecting your thinking toward that and every time you want to make a non essential purchase just think of your goal. Maybe hang a picture up on your wall or make it your phone background or computer wallpaper so that you’re always reminded of the light at the end of the tunnel. Also, these goals don’t have to involve a larger purchase and instead can just center on self improvement so maybe every time you get the urge to shop, read a book, do a yoga class or volunteer.