Time(less): A New Series Highlighting Beautiful Things Made To Stand The Test Of Time (VIDEO)

As I’ve grown my personal style over the last few years and dedicated more and more time into cultivating pieces I can wear for years to come, I’ve put a special focus on discovering artisans and creators that are making beautiful products made to stand the test of time and adding them into my wardrobe slowly but surely. Things that have been well made, carefully crafted and created with expertise and love and are often the representation of not only true artists, but also of techniques and practices that are becoming harder and harder to find. So, in order to shed light on these artists and help raise awareness for the beautiful work they’re doing, I’ll be highlighting them occasionally through this series and today we’re kicking things off with one of my absolute favorite scarf brands - Sabina Savage.

THE WHO: Sabina Savage

THE WHAT: Luxury scarves designed in London and produced in Como, Italy. Sabina launched her eponymous, luxury scarf brand in 2013 offering heritage inspired, elaborate prints on exquisite fabrics.

THE CRAFT: Each illustration is intricately hand drawn by Sabina, sometimes taking up to six weeks for a single design, before being printed onto the finest silk, wool and cashmere. The detailed and multifaceted illustrations are carefully engineered around the space to create a unique scarf with a signature aesthetic. Each scarf is expertly designed in London then produced to the highest quality and skillfully hand-edged by the renowned artisans of Como, Italy. Each scarf series is based on a larger inspiration and tells a story so beautifully that you almost don’t want to wear the scarf but rather frame it to enjoy in all it’s glory.

THE WHY: Silk scarves are a wardrobe essential for me. They’re something that I wear all the time and have every intention of wearing for the rest of my life. For me, they’re like a piece of artwork that I can wear for the world to enjoy and these are some of the best I’ve ever come across. From the intricate patterns with detailed backstory to the richly dyed, luxurious fabrics, these scarves are worth every penny in my opinion and you can find a size, pattern and price to suit a wide array of budgets and preferences.

THE SCARF I HAVE: Since I’m partial to whimsical, natural patterns, my first Sabina Savage scarf is The Hare’s Gift in Blossom and Sloe. I also have it in the wool and silk composition and you can learn more about why I chose this in the video above. For the size, I went with the largest 135cm x 135cm. I purchased this for myself last year as a birthday gift because the accompanying story and illustration spoke to my love of whimsy in such a lovely way. The tale of the Hare goes like this “The mother hare calmly and quietly sits. She watches over her son as he takes in the new world before him. Swallows flurry and flutter around them, bringing gifts of gold bells and cut flowers for the infant. The stoat and capuchin monkey quietly await their turn to meet the sacred new arrival they have heard so much about.” And I can feel that whimsy every time I look at the scarf. Plus, these colors are some of my most worn and they compliment everything in my wardrobe from black to rusty red.

THE PACKAGING: Each scarf arrives perfectly packaged in a thick cardboard box with the Sabina Savage logo. When you open the box, the scarf if folded neatly inside and wrapped in tissue paper. I keep the box to store my scarf in when I’m not wearing it. Plus, each order is accompanied by the Naturalist Handbook full of Sabina’s illustrations. HOW GORGEOUS!

You can see all of Sabina’s scarves here.