Today I want to talk about wardrobe essentials. I made a video all about my own personal essentials a while back but I took it down because I’ve since upgraded my equipment and I wanted to release a video that better represented that. Plus, I’ve come up with a new way of thinking about wardrobe essentials that may be beneficial to some of you. So let’s hop right in.

What are wardrobe essentials? In the strictest sense wardrobe essentials are pieces that are absolutely necessary for making your wardrobe work day in and day out. These are the building blocks of your personal style and can often be more utilitarian than fun but today, I want to discuss them in a different light and in 3 main categories that shouldn’t necessarily have a number tied to them but if gathered thoughtfully can result in a year long wardrobe that serves you and your unique life. After all, the sole purpose of these pieces is functionality so if you need more than one to be functional, then go for it! These categories are:

  1. Year Round Basics - these are the blank canvas pieces that you can either wear alone or as a base for layering and such every day. Things like a white t-shirt or white shirt. These are often devoid of pattern in order to allow them to be paired with patterns on top and in my case, things that I wear all year long.

  2. Seasonal - These are the things that may vary by season and serve as adding warmth or protection from the elements so things like a trench coat or cashmere sweater

  3. Accents - these are the things that really speak to your personal style and help showcase that to the world. These will likely be accessories but can also be a great pair of printed pants. Anything you’ve been told isn’t necessarily a wardrobe essential for someone else but is something that you wear all the time and just feels like you. So for me, a key accent would definitely be scarves.

To help get you started, these are some of my own personal wardrobe essentials broken into these 3 categories.

  1. Year Round Basics

    • white shirt - but as I’ve found, I like to have two versions (a classic, structured cotton option and a looser silk option)

    • T-shirts - with short sleeves or 3/4 sleeves and in black, white and stripes

    • black pants - straight leg and in a lightweight wool that I can wear all year

    • Black skirt - I love an a-line, pencil and now a longer line satin or silk

    • Classic jeans - these days I’m loving a medium wash with a mid to high rise and will always have a dark wash option in my closet for dressier outfits or to anchor a lighter look

  2. Seasonal

    • Sweaters

    • Shorts

    • Rain coat

  3. Accents

    • Silk scarf

    • Statement Jewelry

    • Every day jewelry

I would love to know what your essentials look like. Let me know in the comments below and thanks so much for stopping by! xx