Happy March and official month of spring!! I love spring so much, it’s my favorite season and every year I wait anxiously for it’s arrival. This year, spring seems to be stuck in a layover somewhere and is taking forever to arrive. We keep getting little hints of spring here and there but it hasn’t stuck yet. Until it does, I’m prepping for her arrival by switching out my closet (I have a video coming up all about my spring plan) and doing some much needed housekeeping and cleaning. Isn’t it amazing how out of hand that all gets when we’re hunkered inside for the winter?!?

Anyway, this month I’m so excited to start wearing my lighter layered and dreamy white and cream shades with a rustic feel and this mood board perfectly captures that. From gold accents to delicate spring greenery, I can’t wait to ease into spring with outdoor eating and a relaxed attitude.

On another note, I’ve switched my editing software and a few of the ways I was editing my videos and the difference has been amazing. My videos render and upload faster and as a result, I’m able to share more with you and I’m so excited for the spring content I have planned! I’ll be sharing my spring wardrobe plan, a mock spring capsule that includes shoes, accessories and outerwear, a spring scarf guide (and lookbook) and so much more! Until then, I’ll be listening to jazz and hoping for sunshine. xxAudrey