The Sweater So Nice, I Bought It Twice

I don’t often purchase two of the same thing but every once in a while I’ll make a purchase that works so well for my wardrobe, I end up buying it in multiple colors. I’ve noticed that the older I get and the more certain I become of my personal style and my tastes, the happier I am to stick to what I know works.

Sure, every now and then I’ll still experiment with a new silhouette (like the jeans you see here), color or pattern, but more often than not I know what works and I love filling my closet with just that. In my experience I get more use and wear out of 2 identical tops that I do out of 5 different ones that are different just for the sake of having variety. For me, in these instances less truly is more. It’s taken me so many years to get to this point that I view it as a comfort and accomplishment rather than boring, and I couldn’t be happier that my personal style journey has taken me to this point. This pink sweater represents that mentality and satisfaction perfectly.

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This light pink, wool sweater is the same sweater I have in blue - except with a v-neck. After I purchased the blue one last year, I’ve worn it non-stop and I love everything about it - the color, the material, the ease and the styling. This love affair was so strong that I knew having the same sweater in another one of my core wardrobe colors would get just as much use and I wasn’t wrong. I love wearing it with everything from jeans like you see here to skirts and tailored trousers and it feels just as right with all of them. Plus, it’s been the perfect piece for transitioning from winter into spring and summer into fall and winter, and it looks just as great with pale blue and white as it does with rich maroon and camel.

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Now, this sartorial certainty didn’t happen over night. In fact, it’s taken me quite a few years of trial and error to reach this point, but it’s a journey that I’m so happy I took and I encourage everyone to do the same. By testing different pieces and wearing them regularly, I was amazed by how quickly I learned what I did and didn’t love. So in the case of sweaters, I prefer a thin knit (with some exceptions of course) and I love scoop, crew (but not too high) and v-necks. I also know that I don’t like sweaters that are too long and I prefer when sweaters have a slim wrist and sleeves that aren’t too long - no easy feat for my petite arms.

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One final thing that’s important to note is that this sweater is from Uniqlo and I’m not advocating for Uniqlo or this exact sweater - in fact, it was recently revealed that Uniqlo has not paid their employees (a fact I sadly learned after I had already purchased and owned this sweater for a while). Rather, what I am advocating for is finding your own unique wardrobe essentials and then purchasing the versions of those that are well made, within your personal budget (it’s okay if you can’t afford only hand made, slow fashion pieces) and with the intent of wearing and using them for as long as possible. I’ve already worn this sweater so many times and I have no doubt that I’ll continue wearing it for at least a few more years. It’s well made and features the softest lightweight wool material that works so well for my wardrobe and my life and that’s what’s most important. That we customize our wardrobes to our own unique lives.

Pink Sweater (sold out. but still available in other colors with a crew neck here) / High Rise, Straight Leg Jeans* GIFTED BUT SELECTED BY ME & I LOVE THEM / Cap Toe Pumps / Sunglasses (handmade in France)