One Small Change, Big Impact Pt 1: The Little White Top

reformation top.jpg

One of my biggest wardrobe revelations has been that I need at least one stand out piece in every outfit, to make my other classics feel right. For me, that means something that’s on-trend, versatile and not too expensive. Similar to the 5 Piece French Wardrobe approach, this has translated into adding at least one trendier or statement piece to my closet each season. These pieces range from clothes to accessories and in the short while that I’ve adopted this approach, my personal style has felt better than ever.

So, beginning with today’s post, I’ll be sharing these small changes that make a big impact. First up is the addition of a cute, on-trend white top to my wardrobe. This beauty features ruffled sleeves and a fitted bodice and looks amazing with skirts, shorts and jeans - everything I love to wear. Plus, it immediately updated the other classics I already have in my wardrobe - something that’s becoming more and more important to me in recent months.

reformation salina top - castaner espadrilles - pamela card necklace.jpg

For example, for this look I’m wearing a pair of basic high rise, straight leg jeans that I purchased a few months ago, my go-to pair of beige espadrilles that I’ve had for a few years, straw bag that I bought last year, and vintage scarf - all classic pieces. In years past, I would have paired this look with a similarly classic t-shirt or tank, but since making the conscious choice to add this trendier top to my wardrobe, everything else just feels right.

charleston south carolina-7.jpg
reformation salina top - castaner espadrilles - pamela card necklace-ruffs signet ring-5.jpg

The subtle change in silhouette from what I typically wear, immediately updated the other classics I’m so careful about adding to my closet and allows everything to work more seamlessly together. Plus, this aha moment has helped me focus in on what those pieces will look like for fall, and I’m getting so excited to start planning for them soon!

reformation salina top - castaner espadrilles - pamela card necklace-ruffs signet ring-14.jpg
charleston south carolina.jpg