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"Walking the streets of Charleston in the late afternoons of August was like walking through gauze or inhaling damaged silk." -Pat Conroy

I’ve always loved August. I love the promise of a new season that grows closer with every sunset, and the relaxed mood that this month brings to the world. It’s as if everyone is taking a collective deep breath and all at once agreeing to settle into the final moments of summer. Settling into warm days and cooler nights, lazy afternoons, and the soon to be fleeting memory of doing nothing. We’re right on the cusp of so much in August, and it’s such a lovely feeling.


My mood for this month is excitement and planning. Despite the warm temps I’m already planning my fall wardrobe and working on fall themed content - fall trends are first! I’m also taking advantage of the longer days to set up my vintage and second hand shop - launching soon - and do a few final summer organization sprees to get everything in a good place for the rest of the year.


Late summer is always a tricky time to dress for - especially when you live somewhere that stays warm until almost October - but I’ve been playing around with a few ideas that I’m excited to share in coming videos. Things like incorporating seasonal colors into my outfits through accessories and changing up my jewelry have been a few ways that I’ve been loving right now. I’m also loving the idea of continuing to wear my new straw hat into the fall with knits in similar dreamy colors and timeless ankle boots, and I’m so excited to wear my newly acquired dresses into fall as well. I’ve already been playing around with different layering and accessories to make them work - all in the comfort of my air conditioned house though lol.

Beyond the fashion front, I’ve been trying to branch out of my usual meals and add a few new ones to my rotation and have also been playing around with fall floral arrangements as a way to get me into the autumnal mood. Let me know if you’d like to see a video on my go-to arrangements because I’d love to film that for you. Finally, I’ve been planning a few final getaways for the season including a trip up to Maine later this month. If I could, I would spend all fall in Maine driving around New England, taking in the changing leaves and shorter days and spending cozy nights in as the temps drop but a week long visit is perfect too.


Is it just me or is fall, Pinterest season?? Maybe it’s the fashion or the holidays right around the corner (I know! Too soon! But it’s true….), but there’s something about August into September that always makes me want to light a candle, relax on the couch and Pin. I’ve already started settling into that feeling and gathering endless inspiration for my fall wardrobe, and as I go back through my old boards, I’m realizing how consistent my personal style has become. It’s so nice to see that what I loved a few years ago still rings true and so many of the purchases I’ve made have become permanent staples in my closet. It’s also reassuring to see that the things on my wish list will in fact work with my wardrobe and based on the pins I’ve been loving they’ll keep on giving for years to come.

Happy August! xx