5 Minute Breakfast: Blueberry Honey Museli

Blueberry Honey Museli

It has been hot with a capital H here in Charleston! The stifling heat mixed with the intense humidity mean that not only has my hair gone haywire, but so has my appetite.

Rather than relish meals in the same slow fashion I am accustom to, I have come to rely on a handful of quick and easy meals that won't leave me feeling weighed down.

An example of one of these meals is my current go-to: Blueberry Honey Museli.


If you've been following along since the beginning then you'll know that I love museli during the fall with an array of aromatic spices to keep me cozy, but that doesn't mean I pack away the museli at the first sign of spring.

In fact, I do quite the opposite and have made it my personal mission to incorporate this breakfast boss into every season. The key, I have found is to add seasonal berries and light-as-air, floral infused honey during the warmer months. The end result is a quick breakfast that takes less than 5 minutes to make, and keeps me energized 'til lunch.

If you're looking for a weekday morning master then I encourage you to whip out the museli and give this recipe a go.