5 Most Worn Items Of 2016

Happy Sunday! With the holidays over, I've been spending the past few days organizing and editing my closet for my winter capsule (coming soon!). Throughout this process each season I like to make a note of the pieces that I've worn the most so I thought it was the perfect time share my 5 most worn core items from 2016. Below, I've listed each of these pieces (with direct links) and why I love each one. 

The Cashmere Sweater

If you've seen a few of my past posts, you know that I love cashmere sweaters but don't love the high price tag that often comes with them. Even though I now have a few in my closet, I have always waited for sales so that I never exceed my budget. For this reason I was thrilled when I discovered Everlane's cashmere at a fraction of the price of traditional retail. Since purchasing my first sweater in black I've also added the navy and grey to my wardrobe and couldn't be happier with them.

Not only are these sweaters extremely reasonable ($100 each), but the quality is on par with much higher-end options on the market. If you're interested in purchasing an Everlane cashmere crew for yourself, I would keep a few things in mind. First of all being that the lighter colors are slightly sheer so if you don't want to worry about needing a camisole I recommend going for one of the darker colors like navy, black or grey.

The other thing to be mindful of is sizing. I am 5'4" and typically wear a size 4 in bottoms and an xs-s in tops but consistently need to size down for Everlane. In the case of the cashmere crew, I sized down to an xxs and still have room for a light shirt underneath.  

The Basic Jeans

Next on my list of most worn items is my favorite pair of jeans - the Levi's 501 CT. When Levi's first introduced the custom tailored 501's I was thrilled because I love the classic construction of 100% cotton jeans but the fit of the original 501's never worked for my wardrobe. Shortly after these launched promising the classic Levi's construction with a tailored fit, I was able to try them on and was instantly smitten.

That said though I would keep in mind that these jeans feature a looser fit which meant that I needed to size down 3 whole sizes to make them work for me. Even after doing this, they were still a little loose and I needed to "shrink to fit" them in order for them to be just right. Beyond this sizing issue, the construction of these jeans is fantastic and they have maintained not only their color but also their shape after countless washes and wears. 

White Silk Shirt

Another item that I have worn a ton this past year is the Everlane Round Collar Silk ShirtI LOVE this shirt! Not only have I worn it countless times since adding it to my wardrobe, but it held up beautifully over the past 2 or so years that I've had it.

Like other Everlane items, I had to size down to an xxs for the best fit that was equal parts flattering and comfortable. I was originally going to include a picture of this shirt now for you, but decided to spare you instead because it finally needs to be retired because of some staining that is entirely my own fault. That said though, I will definitely be repurchasing this blouse once it's back in stock. 

The Striped Tee

Next up is my go-to striped tee from J. Crew. Another staple in my closet, this tee has seen me through all four seasons effortlessly. Not only is the construction on par with what I expect from J. Crew, but the cut is super flattering and not too boxy - like many striped tees can be.

Plus, the light but not too light cotton is ideal for layering year-round. Regarding size, I had to size down in this top to an xxs in order for it to be fitted without being tight. 

The Black Skirt

My final most worn item from 2016 is my black skirt from LOFT. When I first bought this skirt last year I was a little worried that I wouldn't be able to wear it as much as I hoped because it didn't have belt loops (and I LOVE belts) but that isn't the case at all.

Instead, I have found that the a-line, almost fit-and-flare cut is so flattering and lays so smoothly that I can easily layer a belt over it. By far my favorite part about this skirt though is that it's completely wrinkle resistant making it ideal for travel - because nobody wants to spend their vacation ironing and steaming. 

That's a wrap! After reviewing my most worn items from 2016 one thing became glaringly obvious - I really love neutrals and have decided to dedicate my winter capsule to fully implementing this reality. Ultimately, my goal for my upcoming capsule is to streamline my closet even more and work with even fewer items overall in order to fully demonstrate the power of accessories, shoes and outerwear to stretch core basics across all four seasons.

Before I go, I have embedded my corresponding YouTube video below and would love to know what some of you're most worn items were this past year. Let me know in the comments down below and I'll talk to you soon.