Spring Capsule Wardrobe Outfit: The Power Of A Spring Blazer


Today I'm so happy to share a new outfit post! If you've been following along since the beginning, you know that my blog started as a traditional fashion blog with a capsule focus, and I would regularly share outfit posts.

After moving down to Charleston, buying our house and having a million things to do, Jason and I couldn't find enough time to take photos, but today that changes! We finally have enough time in our schedules to take the quality of photos that we both strive for and I am so excited to bring this feature back to my blog.

I love being able to demonstrate my capsule outfits out in the wild so to speak, so that you can see how things look in action, and today's post is all about how I tweak one of my favorite outfit formulas for spring. 

As you know, I love blazers and today I want to talk about the transformative power of a great spring blazer. In this category I have a few like the one I'm wearing here and this one that I love for adding a fresh, spring pop to otherwise simple separates - a scarf works just as well too! No matter how many times I change up my go-to formula of jeans, a tee and a blazer I am still amazed by how many possibilities there are, and I will never tire of mixing and matching this combination with different shoes, jewelry, handbags and accessories. 

Here, I've started with a base of my new favorite pair of skinny jeans and a simple white tee. From here, I could transform this combination to a fall, winter or summer outfit with the addition or subtraction of a few key layers and colors, but for this particular outfit I kept things light and springy with espadrilles and a great spring blazer. I love this pink gingham option that I picked up a few years ago at J.Crew but you could easily opt for a floral, stripe or solid blazer for the same effect.

The important thing to remember is to pick one in a light fabric and a spring shade to keep everything fresh and airy. The addition of the espadrilles helps to lighten everything up even more, and the outfit would feel completely different just by swapping the espadrilles for simple sling backsankle booties in a light suede, fun flats like thesethese or these, loafers or even sneakers to suit your preferences. 


When it comes to choosing the color you want in your spring blazer, I recommend opting for one that compliments the other colors you tend to wear. For me, I wear tons of white, black and blue and I've found that pink not only goes beautifully with these colors, but it almost makes me feel fresh and alive. For you, that color may be something else, or you may not like color at all and in that case you can't go wrong with a tan or white linen topper - how beautiful and effortlessly chic! 


Also, one of my favorite things about spring is how alive everything looks. Even living in a place like Charleston that's almost always in bloom, the city just comes to life during the spring. The days are still cool, but the sun is out and shining brightly - minus the humidity which is always wonderful. Plus, the entire city is filled with the heavenly smell of blooming jasmine which is quickly becoming one of my favorite aromas. 

I love to take inspiration from my surroundings and the color palettes that you see here will make some lovely outfits in the future. How beautiful are green, white and slate when paired together? I just love it. 


Below, I've rounded up some of the best spring blazers that I've found in case you're in the market for one. But don't hesitate to shop your closet first! Especially if you haven't gone through everything in a while you never know what you may find. Also, if you already a spring piece that you love, just by searching on Pinterest may give you some inspiration to style them in a completely different way that feels totally fresh. 

How To Style A Shirtdress For Fall + A Lookbook

I love shirtdresses. Whether I'm styling them with sandals and a straw hat or a blazer and boots, theres something so effortless and chic about a shirtdress and I love to wear them year-round. 

Earlier this year I shared how I like to wear my blue and white striped shirtdress in the spring, so I thought today I would share how I've been styling it this fall. 

When it comes to making a shirtdress work for fall I think rich rustic accessories are the key. Because the classic silohette and color palette of this dress can easily work for spring and summer, I paired it with deep brown and green accessories to anchor it, and keep it from feeling too light. The pieces I chose in this instance are a simple fedora, classic leather belt and brown flats but you could just easily pair it with black if that's what you have. 


Plus, you can even swap the flats for riding boots and top the whole look off with a blazer as the temperature drops. 

Below, I've linked the exact items I'm wearing or similar alternatives in case you're on the hunt for a great shirtdress, classic belt, clutch or flats. I've also put together a quick lookbook of the last three looks I've featured here. You can view the video below, or over on my YouTube channel.  

Before I go though, I want to share a quick review of the Everlane Modern Point flats that I'm wearing here. I got these lovely shoes last year for Christmas and have been extremely pleased with them. As with most of the Everlane pieces I have acquired over the years, these flats are high quality, comfortable and classic. They fit true to size for me and luckily didn't need any breaking in before they were soft as butter.

My only word of caution would be that as with all pointed toe flats, the tips can become scuffed quite easily so keep that in mind before you purchase if you're a stickler for scuff-free shoes. 

Capsule Pieces: Ralph Lauren Shirtdress

Accessories: Vintage Dooney & Bourke Belt (Etsy has some amazing options!), Louis Vuitton Clutch, Old Forever 21 Fedora

Shoes: Everlane Modern Point

Until next time,


Polished Plaid: 37 Piece Fall Capsule Wardrobe Outfit No. 9

By far one of my favorite parts about fall is the plaid. If I had it my way, I would wear plaid every day so I've been making the most of these cooler temps by mixing up my plaid shirt as many ways as possible. Today's fall capsule wardrobe outfit is one that I've worn a few times already this fall and plan to wear a few more. Who knows, I might even wear this combo for Thanksgiving! Beyond the outfit, I've also been turning to my favorite bronzer and highlighting concealer for the perfect late fall glow to combat dull, cold-weather skin. If you haven't tried either of these yet I highly recommend giving them a go. Not only do they look beautiful on your vanity, but they really deliver. 

Until next time,


Cardi Party: 37 Piece Fall Capsule Wardrobe Outfit No. 8

Happy Wednesday! We've reached this week's half point so I thought today's capsule combo should be a casual but classic look.

When the weather starts to get really chilly I love nothing more than layering my favorite pieces. In this look, I did just that with the silk shirt layered under the cardigan for a pulled together look that's super comfortable but still classic.

Plus, the hat and riding boots add the perfect fall twist. To show just how versatile these pieces are, you could easily swap out the boots and hat for ballet flats and a great hair clip in the spring without skipping a beat. 

Until next time,