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Minimalist Packing Guide: 3 Days In Maine, 1 Carry-On

As I mentioned on Monday, Jason and I are headed up north to Maine tonight for a quick trip to see family (we come back Saturday afternoon). To say I'm excited for some last minute leaf peeping is an understatement and I'm packing up my favorite fall pieces to make the most of it.

Below, I've outlined the pieces I'm bringing to keep me super cozy and comfortable and I can't wait to share outfits pics once I get back. Anything marked with an asterisk* will make up my travel outfit, and I've linked the items shown (or some similar) in case you're interested. 



  1. White Silk Shirt*

  2. Plaid Shirt

  3. Navy Tee 


  1. Black Cashmere Crewneck

  2. Fisherman Sweater


  1. Medium Wash Jeans

  2. Dark Wash Skinny Jeans


  1. Grey Herringbone Blazer

  2. Green Herringbone Blazer

  3. Navy Blazer*


  1. Barbour


  1. Chelsea Boots*

  2. Riding Boots

Accessories & Purses

  1. Fall Themed Silk Scarf

  2. Green Print Silk Scarf

  3. Red Shawl*

  4. Classic Belt*

  5. Thin Statement Belt  

  6. Clutch

  7. Crossbody Purse*

  8. Simple, Everyday Jewelry*

  9. Fedora 

I also filmed a corresponding packing video that you can view here or below. 


Before I go, I'd love to know if you're headed anywhere fun this fall? Have you gotten a chance to enjoy the foliage? Let me know in the comments below and follow along with me on Instagram

Until next time,


Chic & Comfy Travel Outfit

On Wednesday Jason and I are taking a quick trip to Maine for some fall fun. In preparation, today I'm sharing one of my go-to travel looks that keep me comfy but chic.

The base of this look is one that fits just about any destination I'm heading to and can be topped with a blazer for some added warmth and polish. For this trip I will be doing just that and will wear one of the three blazers I'm bringing - stay tuned for my complete packing guide and list later this week.

For footwear, I always like to wear booties because they go with everything and are super comfortable. Plus, I can easily wear socks with them to protect my feet from the airport floor when going through security. Also, I love to bring my travel Longchamp Pliage to store my personal items. To keep to the one carry-on and a personal item rule, I always leave enough room in my carry-on to store one of my purses. More on that to come in a post later this week.  

Below, I've linked the items you see here in case you're interested and I would love to know what you're go-to travel outfit is. Let me know in the comments below and I can't wait to share pics of Maine soon. 

Until next time,


Capsule Wardrobe Packing Guide - 1 Week In Colorado In A Carry-On

If you follow me on Snapchat or Instagram (my username is AudreyALaMode on both and I share restaurant reviews and tons of scenic snaps), then you know that I am in Colorado for the week enjoying mountain views and fresh air. To streamline my trip, I brought only 1 carry-on full of my favorite capsule items - with a few spring and fall items sprinkled in to suit the cooler temps. To help inspire you to pack light for your next trip, I have outlined the exact items I brought below. Also, be on the lookout for tons of pics and travel lookbook once I return! 


  1. White cotton shirt from Brooks Brothers

  2. Chambray shirt from J. Crew

  3. Striped Tee from J. Crew

  4. White crewneck tee from Everlane (a replacement addition to my summer capsule)*

  5. White v-neck tee from Hanes

  6. Cream cableknit sweater from L.L. Bean (borrowed from my upcoming fall capsule)*

  7. Long-sleeve navy and black tees from J. Crew (borrowed from my upcoming fall capsule)*


  1. White denim skirt from J. Crew

  2. White chino shorts from J. Crew

  3. Navy chino shorts from J. Crew

  4. Denim shorts from Levi's

  5. White jeans from Levi's (borrowed from my spring capsule)*

  6. Classic jeans from Madewell (borrowed from my upcoming fall capsule)*


  1. Classic loafers from Gucci

  2. Pointed toe flats from Everlane

  3. Sneakers

  4. Brown chelsea boots from Cole Haan


  1. Large scarf

  2. Sunglasses

  3. Fedora

  4. Statement necklace

  5. Classic brown belt 


  1. Brown leather jacket


I also put together a quick packing video on YouTube that you can view here or below. 

Until next time!