Project 1-4-4

How To Style 1 Blazer 4 Ways | Project 1-4-4

Today I'm excited to share the next installment of Project 1-4-4 featuring the classic blazer!

As you know, I absolutely love blazers and count my navy one as a must-have in my wardrobe. To show just how versatile a classic blazer in a neutral color is, I've put together a different look for each season.

I hope these ideas inspire you to rework some of your favorite pieces and I'd love to see how you do it by tagging me in pictures on Instagram and Facebook with the hashtag #Project144


During the cooler months I love to pair my blazer with a simple turtleneck and jeans. This combo never fails to be a classic and I wear it on repeat until spring. To polish the look even further I add riding boots and a classic clutch. 


When spring rolls around I love to pair my blazer with a classic white shirt and fun skirt. To keep these structured separates more casual I like to wear them with flats and a simple belt. 


In summer I love to use my blazer as a topper when I either need to be more polished or will be spending a great deal of time indoors in the AC. To ensure that my base layers are cool enough for the summer heat I like to wear my blazer over a simple white tee and light shorts. Simple sandals and some fun jewelry help complete the look even further. 


Fall is my favorite season for wearing blazers and I've already worn this combination countless times this year. To keep my look collegiate and cool, I love to layer my blazer over a simple white top and jeans and finish it off with a great scarf and classic loafers. 

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How To Wear A White Shirt 4 Ways: Project 1-4-4: 1 Item, 4 Seasons, 4 Ways

It's no surprise at this point that I favor simplicity when it comes to my wardrobe. From capsule dressing to choosing pieces that can worn multiple ways, I love doing more with less. In keeping with this approach, I have shared glimpses in the past of the pieces I wear year-round, but moving forward I want to really delve into them with a new series called Project 1-4-4. 

Doing More With Less And Choosing Wardrobe Essentials Wisely

This series which stands for 1 item, 4 seasons, 4 ways, will highlight the pieces that I simply can't live without in my wardrobe all year long. These pieces are usually in every one of my capsules regardless of the season and they represent my eternal goal of doing more with less by carefully selecting versatile pieces.

With this in mind, I will share one of these items in each post along with why I love it for winter, spring, summer and fall, and how I style it for each season. My hope is that this series will inspire you to wear your pieces multiple ways while also offering insight into what it takes to have a highly functional, well-rounded wardrobe. After-all, with all of the gorgeous outfit inspiration out there it is easy to become overwhelmed and loose sight of what is real life and what is merely pinspiration.

Also, as you read these posts I would LOVE to hear how you remix your wardrobe and would be thrilled to see how you style each piece seasonally by tagging me in your pics on Instagram or Twitter with the hashtag #Project144. So, to kick things off I'm going to start with the white shirt. 

Why Everyone Needs A Classic White Shirt  

The white shirt is the quintessential wardrobe basic. The perfect combination of effortless sophistication and relaxed elegance, the white shirt serves as the perfect blank canvas for almost any outfit. When choosing a shirt to fill this role in your wardrobe I recommend choosing one that flatters without looking frumpy (look for seaming and darts to highlight your shape) and is either 100% cotton or a high-quality blend like 80% cotton, 20% spandex.

For an added element of versatility I also recommend looking for a white shirt that is either non-iron or can be spiffed up easily with little more than a quick steam. These points will help ensure that you can grab your white shirt to finish any look in a pinch and won't be running around looking for an iron 5 minutes before you need to leave for work.

Below, I have outlined how I wear this classic staple in each season. You can also see more of my white shirt inspiration here on Pinterest. 

 How To Style A White Shirt In Spring

When winter begins to thaw and the first blooms appear, I love to wear my white shirt tucked into a printed skirt with ballet flats. The printed skirt helps liven up the white shirt and hint at warmer weather to come while the ballet flats help protect my feet from any rogue snow left over from cooler days. 

How To Style A White Shirt In Summer

Once summer is in full swing I love to pair my white shirt with simple chino shorts and lightweight sandals. A long beaded necklace and rolled up sleeves help make the shirt more relaxed while a structured purse keeps it from feeling mismatched. 

How To Style A White Shirt In Fall

For fall I love nothing more than layering my white shirt under a quilted vest and silk scarf. I leave the shirt untucked over slim jeans for an equestrian vibe that doesn't feel too costumey. To finish off the look with the perfect autumn twist I also wear a crossbody purse and riding boots. 

How To Style A White Shirt In Winter

With winter comes my favorite holidays so I like to make the most of festive dressing while still keeping it subtle. To achieve this I love to wear my white shirt under a super soft sweater with a great pair of pants in a festive plaid print.

Below, I have embedded a quick YouTube video I filmed displaying these outfits that I hope will inspire you to rework your white shirt year round. Also, I have included some of my favorite white shirts on the market now. 

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