My Fall Capsule Wardrobe

It's finally fall capsule time! Over the past few weeks I have been working to nail down the pieces I plan to wear the most this season, and am so excited to share them with you today.

Like last time, my "capsule" consists of the core basics that I wear year-round along with some more seasonal pieces that I have added in. Also like last time my capsule does not include outerwear, shoes, accessories or jewelry but these pieces remain available to me throughout the year. When combined with my capsule, these items bring my entire closet to about 100 pieces.

Also, as I shared with my summer capsule, this approach to dressing allows me to keep a smaller wardrobe over all, while still having a streamlined selection of pieces on display for me every day. This ultimately gives me the freedom of versatility without the feeling of being overwhelmed. 

Below, I have outlined my 31 capsule pieces along with the rest of my wardrobe for you to hopefully get some inspiration for your own streamlined fall wardrobe. To help demonstrate just how versatile this approach to dressing can be, I will share various outfit combinations with you both here and on my YouTube channel throughout the season. Each time I share a look, I will be sure to outline the capsule pieces, outerwear (if any), jewelry, shoes and purses that I combined to make the look.

Additionally, I have added an asterisk next to the items not in my capsule that I anticipate I will reach for the most this season. That way, if you choose to adhere to a traditional capsule you can see what blazers, shoes and accessories I would recommend including.

Before I jump into the pieces I'll leave you with this. As you read through my list and watch my capsule video, keep in mind that for me, a seasonal capsule of about 30 pieces is the magic number that feels both manageable and versatile - but that may not be the case for you. If you choose to capsule dress in the traditional sense, or are just trying to edit your closet, I would encourage you to experiment here and there until you find a number and system that works for you. 

Try not to adhere too strictly to one set number and feel free to make that 10, 15, 20, 50 or more pieces! Just keep in mind that the goal of streamlined, capsule dressing is to free yourself from the stress of getting dressed, not add to it so don't limit yourself too much and remember to have fun with it. After all, it's just clothes!


31 Piece Fall 2016 Capsule Wardrobe



  1. White long sleeve cotton button down - Brooks Brothers

  2. White long sleeve silk shirt - Everlane

  3. Black short sleeve silk shirt - Everlane

  4. Black long sleeve silk shirt - Everlane

  5. Chambray shirt - J. Crew

  6. White peplum shirt - Zara

  7. Striped tee - J. Crew

  8. Crewneck white tee - Everlane

  9. Plaid button-down - Ralph Lauren 

  10. Navy long sleeve cotton tee - J. Crew

  11. Black long sleeve cotton tee - J. Crew


  1. Ivory cashmere crewneck - Nordstrom

  2. Black cashmere crewneck - Everlane 

  3. Ivory cashmere cardigan - J. Crew

  4. Black cashmere cardigan - J. Crew 

  5. Ivory fisherman sweater - L.L. Bean 

  6. American flag sweater - Ralph Lauren

  7. Black & White sweater - Zara 


  1. Striped shirtdress - Ralph Lauren

  2. Black dress - Amazon

  3. Blue silk dress - Club Monaco 


  1. Black a-line skirt - LOFT

  2. Printed silk skirt - Massimo Dutti 

  3. Green lace skirt - J. Crew

  4. Equestrian print skirt - Vintage Ralph Lauren

  5. Plaid midi kkirt - Vintage Ralph Lauren

  6. Floral short skirt - Ann Taylor


  1. Navy pants - Zara

  2. Dark wash skinny jeans - LOFT

  3. Medium wash jeans - Madewell

  4. Boyfriend jeans - Levi's 

The Rest Of My Closet: 


- Outerwear - Blazers, Jackets, Vests etc. -

  1. Black and white tweed vest*

  2. Brown tweed vest*

  3. Navy blazer*

  4. Rust herringbone blazer*

  5. Green herringbone blazer*

  6. Grey herringbone blazer*

  7. Floral blazer

  8. Pink gingham blazer

  9. Denim jacket*

  10. Short white tweed jacket with gold buttons

  11. Short white tweed jacket with brown buttons

  12. Plaid blazer*

  13. Short black tweed jacket*

  14. Short black wool blazer*

  15. Tuxedo blazer

  16. Long blue and white tweed jacket

  17. Long white tweed jacket

  18. Barbour coat*

  19. Camel coat*

  20. Black wool coat

- Seasonal Pieces & Extras (Nice dresses etc) -

  1. Green and white striped oxford

  2. Blue and white embroidered shirt

  3. White peasant top

  4. V-Neck white tee

  5. White denim skirt

  6. Pink midi skirt 

  7. Black midi skirt

  8. Blue and white tweed skirt

  9. Blue ruffle shirt

  10. Plaid ruffle shirt

  11. Cream cashmere turtleneck sweater

  12. Plaid short skirt

  13. Floral midi skirt

  14. Grey moto jeans

  15. Black trousers

  16. White jeans

  17. Striped skirt 

  18. White chino shorts

  19. Navy chino shorts

  20. Striped shorts

  21. Denim shorts

  22. White denim shorts

- Accessories (Scarves, Hats, Jewelry, Purses) -

  1. An assortment of silk scarves (about 10)*

  2. An assortment of large scarves and shawls (about 10)*

  3. Faux fur stole*

  4. Brown satchel*

  5. Black top handle purse*

  6. Brown top handle purse*

  7. Classic day clutch*

  8. Crossbody purse*

  9. Black slouchy purse*

  10. Black wool fedora*

  11. Green wool fedora*

  12. Boater hat

  13. Straw fedora

  14. Black floppy hat*

  15. Brown floppy hat

  16. Camel floppy hat

  17. Blue floppy hat

  18. An assortment of statement necklaces (about 5)*

  19. An assortment of long necklaces (about 4)*

  20. An assortment of brooches (5-10)*

  21. An assortment of statement bangles (about 5)*

  22. A few pairs of statement earrings*

  23. Simple everyday jewelry (pearl studs, diamond studs, gold bangle, three gold rings)* 

  24. Black and brown reversible belt with 3 interchangeable buckles*

  25. Classic brown belt*

  26. 2 vintage Dooney & Bourke belts*

- Shoes -

  1. Ballet flats*

  2. Black brogues*

  3. Brown wingtips*

  4. Black lace-up flats*

  5. Black flats with gold hardware*

  6. White Jack Rogers 

  7. Brown gladiators

  8. Brown loafers*

  9. Brown chelsea boots*

  10. Black chelsea boots*

  11. Brown riding boots*

  12. Brown heeled boots*

  13. Black heeled loafers*

  14. Burgundy heeled loafers*

  15. Brown heeled booties*

  16. Bean boots*

  17. Brown peep toe heels 

  18. Black loafer mules*

  19. Black and yellow Stubbs 

That's everything! I hope this helps inspire you to streamline your approach to dressing this season and add a little style into your everyday life. Below, I have linked my accompanying YouTube video that you can watch here or over on my channel, and I hope you have a wonderful day!

Until next time,