February Favorites

It's favorites time again! This month I have a small selection of beauty, fashion and lifestyle favorites that I'm excited to share with you. 

First up is a new wardrobe staple that I recently rediscovered.

If you've been following me for a while you know that I love the Everlane Cotton U-Neck Tees and even though those are still a favorite of mine, I've been loving this classic by Hanes. 

Beyond their super soft material, I love these tees because they have beautifully finished edges and can easily be dressed up or down. 

Lately I've been wearing it a ton and anticipate that I'll get even more wear out of it in the coming months. 

Next up is an oldie but a goodie that I've had for years.

The classic Barbour Beadnell is an absolute staple in my closet and I've been wearing it a ton all winter - especially now that I don't have to combat snow and ice. 

I share more of my thoughts on this jacket in the video below, but in a nutshell I can't recommend it enough. 

On the beauty front I've been loving the 100% Pure Organic Coffee Bean Eye Cream. I received this as part of my Octoly membership and have been very happy with it.

Although I can't say that it's improved the puffiness on my eyes, I can say that the skin around my eyes feels much more moisturized and soft after I apply this.

The only downside for me is the smell. As someone who prefers floral scents to sweet scents, I would prefer if this eye cream didn't have such a strong aroma of vanilla coffee.

That said though, the smell dissipates very quickly and I would definitely recommend this if you're in the market for a new eye cream.  

On the social media front I've been absolutely loving Stacie Flinner's account.

Not only is Stacie lovely and impeccably dressed in every picture, but she and her husband are currently traveling the world - and documenting it all on Instagram.

To say her excursions are a delight to follow would be an understatement so I'll just leave you with some of her recent pics that have left me dreaming of a visit to South America. 

My final favorite for the month is a restaurant here in Charleston called The Darling Oyster Bar. I LOVE this little gem that opened last year and have already been a few times. Not only is the food delicious and reasonably priced, but it's decorated so well that I want to move it. 

That's all! Those are my favorites this month and I hope they inspired you in some way. I also filmed a corresponding video that you can view below and on my YouTube channel. 

Until next time,