If you follow me on Instagram, then you've likely seen my painting adventures unfolding this week. Since Irma came and went, (thankfully my family in Florida, and Jason and I made it out with no damage) I've spent the past few days making some more strides on the house. One of the biggest strides has been finally painting the bedroom and finalizing the decor. 

When we bought the house, the master bedroom was perfectly fine the way it was but we felt inspired to make a few tweaks which included the following.

  • Refinish and expose the fireplace - also remove the metal cover and repaint the mantle (see below)

  • Paint the walls and baseboards Remove the T.V. mount from above the fireplace

  • Remove that metal rail across the left corner 

  • Add new light switch and outlet covers 



Since moving in we've been focusing our attention on the more important things in the house (including a complete renovation of our guest house, new roof, foundational work etc.) so the bedroom kind of took a backseat. Because of this, we had only gotten around to removing the t.v. mount above the fireplace and the metal bar in the corner - until now.

A few weeks ago, I had some time and a crazy hair so I completely removed the plaster covering the fireplace to expose the beautiful bricks underneath. Then, to ensure that everything was nice and secure, we had a mason come out and repoint the bricks. It may have been one small step in the grand scheme of the room but it made such a huge difference and we couldn't be happier with how it turned out! 

Now that that is finally done, we removed the metal cover over the fireplace and blocked up the opening so that our cats can't escape (fellow cat owners know what I'm talking about!). Next, we gave the mantle a fresh coat of paint and painted the walls "Simply White," and the baseboards and trim bright white. For the walls we opted for Behr Premium Plus Ultra Interior Eggshell Enamel, and for the mantle, baseboards and trim we went with Behr Premium Plus Interior Semi-Gloss Enamel and have been very happy with both. 

Now that the painting is done, we just need to install the light switch and outlet covers before we can finish decorating. Oh, and we also want to add some decorative trim along the top (underneath the trim around the fireplace to make it feel more finished), and some trim around the base of the mantle and the trim surrounding the base of the fireplace. 


For the decor, I think I'm going to stick to ocean inspired shades like blue, green, white and cream. Since our furniture is all deep brown (minus our bed and the marble top of our small dresser that you see all the time in my Instagram posts), I would like to keep everything else fairly light.

To achieve this I think we will go with bronze or brass curtain rods and either plain white curtains or some that are delicately printed. For the rest of the decor I want to keep it pretty minimal. Our bed is white (unfortunately not the antique one we bought a few months ago because we couldn't get it to work with our boxspring so it's become the guest bed), and I think I'll keep the all white bedding that we have but I might add a few decorative pillows and maybe an accent blanket in blue.

Next, I want to add a small chair in the corner next to the fireplace and maybe a very small side table and a painting on the wall. Above our marble top dresser I want to add a few of the prints that I've collected. For the picture frames, I picked up a set of 5 wooden frames with matting on eBay for only $25! To make them suit our prints a little better, I'm painting them Charleston Black - it's basically black but has some green and yellow in it that catches the light in such a beautiful way.

Since you know I like to keep things simple, the only other pieces of furniture we will have in the room will be side tables (still looking for some) and the tall dresser pictured below. Above the dresser I want to hang one or both of the nautical prints shown and put a cute lamp, jewelry tray etc. on it for decoration. 


Even though the whole process has taken a bit of time I'm so excited to see it all come together and have been pinning away to solidify our vision. Below, I've embedded some of my favorite inspiration pics to keep me focused but you can see even more here