Layering 101: How To Stretch Your Basics Further This Fall

When it comes to making the most of a minimized wardrobe there is no denying that timeless classics are essential! What is often times less obvious, is the power of layering to extend those pieces throughout the entire year. So, with fall in full swing, now is the perfect time to refresh your layering skills and stretch your wardrobe even further.

Below, I have shared a quick snap shot of how I like to layer my clothes along with a more detailed outline for you to follow. I've also linked some great layered looks I have collected on Pinterest to help inspire you. 

STEP 1: Start With A Simple Base

The first step of any great layered look, is to start with a simple base of classic separates. During the fall I like to start with a white shirt and jeans, but you can just as easily begin with a basic black dress, skirt and simple shirt, tee and trousers and so much more. The possibilities here are endless, just try to keep the base layers on the thinner side so you don't risk feeling too bulky as you add more. 

STEP 2: Add a Sweater, Vest or Both  

The next step is to add a second layer of medium weight. This can be a sweater or vest or even both depending on how cool it is outside. The only thing to keep in mind here is that if you're wearing a thicker sweater like cable knit, it might work better to forgo the vest so the look doesn't become too bulky.

That said, if your sweater is on the thicker side and the weather isn't too cool, it can be nice to add a vest topper and forgo a coat. 

STEP 3: Add a Blazer, Jacket or Coat

Now that you're bundled up in a neutral base layer and complimentary middle layer, you can add your top layer. Unlike the first two, this layer will likely be removed if you become too warm, come in from the cold for an extended period of time, or the weather just improves throughout the day (as it tends to do during the fall transition).

My favorite pieces for this step are a great blazer (navy, herringbone and tweed are my faves for fall), my waterproof Barbour jacket for those overcast afternoons and even my camel coat as fall begins to drift into winter. 

STEP 4: Add Accessories

If you've reached this step it means you have achieved a combination of separates that create a seamless layered look. While you could easily stop here, I like to take things one step further and add some finishing touches like scarves, belts, fedoras and gloves.

As with any look, accessories add that little extra something to your outfit that takes it from basic to fabulous so have fun here. Plus, carefully chosen accessories can make a simple white shirt look completely different each time you wear it - and that is the real trick to doing more with less. 

- Layering Inspiration -


I also put together a little video of some layered looks for you! You can watch it below or on my YouTube channel. 

I hope these tips have inspired you to layer your favorite pieces and I'd love to know how you do it by tagging me in pictures on InstagramFacebook or Twitter.

Until next time,