June Favorites

It's favorites time again! This month I've been loving fashion, makeup, skincare, a couple YouTube channels and a local restaurant here in Charleston. So, let's hope right into it shall we? 


My first favorite this month has been the 100% human, pale pink tee from Everlane.

I picked up this tee for my summer capsule and couldn't be happier with it. Like all Everlane tees, this is super soft and lightweight.

The light color and airy cotton make it the perfect summer piece but I know that I'll get plenty of wear out of it in the fall and winter as well. 

In addition to being a lovely closet addition, the 100% human range from Everlane donates a portion of each sale to fabulous causes. The pale pink range donates $5 from every sale to Equality Now which has been fighting to promote equal rights for women around the world since 1992. 


Next up is the best dry shampoo I've ever used! The Detox Dry Shampoo by DryBar is a miracle product that revives my hair and stretches my style to unbelievable lengths.

With just a few sprays to my roots I'm able to fake a fresh blowout even if I haven't restyled my hair in a few days. Plus, the smell is lovely and not overpowering like some dry shampoos and the formula never leaves my roots feeling sticky or icky. 


If you saw my review and GRWM here, then you know that I LOVE the new Glossier Cloud Paints. I love how pigmented they are, I love the concept of watercolor for your cheeks, and I love the staying power - they seriously don't budge even in heat and humidity. 


If I had to pick my favorite from these favorites, it would be the Lotion P50 W by Biologique Recherche. I first encountered this brand when I was starting out in PR in the city. At the time, the price was a little too steep for my 20-something PR budget, but I knew that someday I wanted to try it.

Not only is it French (which you know I love), but every woman that I've encountered that uses BR has the most amazing skin.

So, I made a note to keep up with the brand over the years and to finally give it a go when I turned 30 - which happened in April. After doing some more research on the brand and the P50s in general, I settled on the P50W for my sensitive, reactive skin. I've been using it for about a week and a half now and I am completely blown away! In just a short time I've noticed an incredible improvement in the condition of my skin and I couldn't be happier with it. I discuss it in more detail in my favorites video below but can honestly say that my only complaint is that I didn't try it sooner. 


Since placing a stronger emphasis on skincare, Renee of Gothamista has been my go-to for relearning everything I thought I knew about skincare. Renee has worked for over 10 years in product development and buying and is truly a skincare encyclopedia. Her knowledge knows no limits and she presents it in such a simplistic way that anyone can follow along. If you're interested in skincare at all, I highly recommend checking her out. 


Another YouTube/Instagram account that I've been loving is Dearly Bethany. I recently discovered Bethany's channel and Instagram account and am absolutely smitten! Bethany creates the sweetest, most soothing videos all about her journey towards a minimized wardrobe that she loves, as well as the books she's loving. If you're interested in slow fashion and lovely imagery I think you'll love her. Plus, over on her Instagram account she is showcasing what she wears and reads every day for a year so she's definitely worthy of a follow in my book! 


I love sushi and when I was living in the city I would eat it at least 2 times per week. Now that we've moved to Charleston though, good sushi is almost impossible to come across (one of the downsides of living in a developing city). I'm confident that we will have sushi soon enough, but until then I'm loving Poke Tea House which is the perfect compromise. This no-frills spot has recently become a favorite of mine and Jason and I eat there at least once a week. It's delicious, well prepared and affordable. If you're ever in Charleston and need a quick, healthy meal then I definitely recommend stopping in.