Mason Pearson Review & Demo

Today's post is a quick review and demo over on YouTube of my Mason Pearson Brush. If you saw my "Hair Care Routine" video then you know that I love this brush, and I think that it has improved the overall condition of my hair by allowing me to go longer between washes, and reviving my locks without causing breakage or damage. Rather than share the ins and outs that I outline in my video twice, I'll just link to it below along with the cliff notes version of my review here. Ultimately, I hope that you find this helpful and that it helps steer you in the right direction if you're on the fence about making this purchase yourself. 

  • Size Matters: When choosing the Mason Pearson that will work for you I recommend taking your hair length and thickness into consideration. Case in point - my own hair. Before purchasing my Mason Pearson I went back and forth on the size that I should get because I knew I didn't want a brush that was too large to travel with, but I also thought the smallest size wouldn't be able to cut it with my thick, course, long hair. Ultimately, I settled on the "handy" and have found that the size is perfect for catching the most hair so I don't need to spend too long brushing through it all. Plus, the paddle size is just right for my scalp and is 100% travel friendly. 

  • Handle With Care: Speaking of travel, my next pointer is to always handle your brush with care while traveling and storing it. Even though in the past I have simply thrown my brushes in my bag or a drawer, when it comes to traveling with and storing my Mason Pearson I take extra care to not shove it up against something too firm. The reason being so that the bristles don't become smooshed and splayed. After-all, it would be such a shame to render your brush essentially useless after making such a steep purchase. 

  • Go For Mixed: My next pointer is to opt for one of the mixes bristle brushes. Even though these brushes come in either just nylon or both nylon and boar bristle, I have found that the mixed option has made a world of difference. While the nylon bristles allow the brush to run through my hair effortlessly without getting caught in tangles, the boar bristles help evenly distribute excess oils resulting in a fresh and lifted coif every time. 

  • Just Say "NO" To Heat: When using your Mason Pearson I strongly recommend keeping it away from the direct heat of a blow dryer so that you don't accidentally melt the bristles. 

  • Wash Regularly: Lastly, I have found that washing my Mason Pearson regularly (every 1-2 months) has really helped stretch it's life and keep it looking and feeling brand new. In fact, despite being a few years old the only wear and tear visible is some light fading of the logo on the handle. Not too bad if you ask me and a true testament to the construction of this classic item. 

Until next time,