Happy Friday! I'm so excited that the weekend is finally here and I plan on making the most of it with some work around the house and lots of relaxation as Jason and I prepare for the solar eclipse on Monday. As I'm sure you've heard by now, Charleston is in the path of totality and I'm so looking forward to experiencing it first-hand - even if that means that our little city will be jam-packed with guests from all over the country hoping to do the same. In the meantime though, here are some things I've been taking note of this week. 

  • First up is this incredibly gorgeous wine train that travels through some of the most scenic wine country in the U.S. I've always loved the romanticized concept of train travel and would love to take a ride on this luxurious option someday. 




  • Last but not least, have you seen the Hancure face mask that's taking the beauty world by storm? I came across a few before and afters recently and am completely blown away! The results seem almost too good to be true but I have to admit that I'm dying to try it.