Shop Your Closet: 4 Free Ways To Update Your Look

As we transition into fall it can be tempting to shop 'til you drop in order to prepare for the new season. While there's no denying that adding some new items to your closet can be fun, seasonal shopping can also be a slippery slope that causes us to buy pieces we just don't need. 

To help myself avoid this closet conundrum each season, and save myself from buying things I don't need I rely on four tricks to refresh the pieces I already own. All-in-all, these easy pointers help me view what I have with fresh eyes, and allow me to shop my closet for new looks. The end result is a total closet makeover that didn't cost me a dime.

So, as you plan your own fall closet I would encourage you to try out some of these tips before hitting the mall. Who knows, you may end up saving yourself some valuable closet space - and cash to boot. 

1. Belt It

By far one of my most used tips for reworking old pieces is to belt them. Whether that be a dress, skirt, shorts or pants, belts have a wonderful ability to add just the right amount of interest to an otherwise boring look.

For example, I have three dresses in my fall capsule that can all easily be worn alone but with the addition of a belt I'm able to completely change the feel of the piece.

Case in point is my favorite shirtdress. By wearing it alone with a straw hat and sandals during the summer it feels warm weather appropriate, but when the cooler weather comes around I like to add a rich brown leather belt for a whole new feel. Suddenly, my basic dress feels ready for a blazer, riding boots and crisp fall stroll rather than sandals and the beach.

Another great thing about belts is that they can make separates look like one complete piece by wearing them with monochromatic items. I've worn this look countless times here on the blog and have linked a few examples below, along with some of my other favorite belted looks to help inspire you. 

2. Layer It

My next tip for refreshing my old standbys is to layer, layer, layer. I love this tip for reworking my tops that are light to medium weight, and can carry me throughout the entire year.

Take a simple white top for example. By wearing it alone with shorts or a skirt in the spring and summer, this simple top is lightweight enough to feel warm weather ready.

Now, take that same top and add a blazer and sweater and it can take you throughout the fall and winter without skipping a beat. The same can be said for all neutral button downs, cotton tees and silk shirts or camis. The possibilities are truly endless here, so have fun and experiment until you find a few combinations that work for you. Below, I've linked some of my favorite layered looks from this past year. 

3. Tuck It

Like layering, my third tip helps to revive my basics in countless ways. When I find myself unsure of what to wear, or just feeling like my pieces have become stale I like to tuck them. Whether it be tucking my shirts into my jeans or skirts, this tip helps stretch my pieces by changing their silhouette.

Plus, like I demonstrated in my last summer capsule look, this tip can even make separates look like one piece - stretching them even further. 

Another example of this is how I often rework my favorite cotton button down. Recently, I wore this top untucked over shorts for a relaxed feel. That same top took on a cozier feel by tucking it into my jeans and layering with a quilted vest.

Below, I have included some of my favorite tucked, and un-tucked looks.  

4. Accessorize It

My final tip for reworking my pieces is also my favorite. If you've been following me for a while now then it should come as no surprise that I LOVE accessories.

I have waxed poetic countless times about the power of accessories to change up even the most basic pieces so I'll just leave you with this - once I fully integrated accessories into my look, I never looked back.

From scarves, to statement necklaces and hats, accessories are often the missing link to take your look from boring to bold, and I never go without at least one. 

I hope these tips have inspired you to rework your closet this season without depleting your bank account. With a little creativity, I'm sure you can skip the mall and shop your closet for some fresh looks that don't cost a thing.

If you apply any of these pointers to your own wardrobe I'd love to know! Don't hesitate to tag me pics on Instagram so I can get some inspiration from you. 

Until next time,