My Summer Capsule Wardrobe + What's Inside My Closet


As I mentioned in my last post, I want to take the content on this site in a slightly newer, more purposeful direction. The first part of this new goal includes seasonal capsule dressing that includes sharing my entire wardrobe with you. Rather than only offer glimpses here and there, below I have outlined every article of clothing, pair of shoes and accessory I own.

These pieces are broken into categories based on season and frequency of wear, and moving forward I will indicate which items I am wearing to recreate each look I feature on this blog. Additionally, beginning today I will outline the summer pieces I intend to use the rest of this season (my 2016 summer capsule as it were). 

I have planned out these pieces with the goal of maintaining a capsule each season of about 20-30 pieces not including accessories, outerwear or shoes. For me, this is the magic number that feels both manageable and versatile but it might not be for you. Experiment here and there until you find the number that works for you and don't hesitate to make that 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 40, 50 or more! Just make sure your closet never becomes unmanageable. 

That said, the goal of this exercise should be to free yourself from the stress of getting dressed, not add to it so don't limit yourself too much and remember to have fun with it. After all, it's just clothes and if we are lucky enough to have clothing that we love then we shouldn't take it for granted. 

Summer 2016 Capsule Wardrobe

  1. Chambray shirt

  2. White long sleeve cotton shirt

  3. White long sleeve silk shirt

  4. Black short sleeve silk shirt

  5. Blue ruffle shirt

  6. White peplum shirt

  7. Blue and white embroidered shirt

  8. White peasant top

  9. Striped tee

  10. V-Neck tee

  11. Crewneck tee

  12. Striped shirtdress

  13. Black dress

  14. Pink midi skirt

  15. Black midi skirt

  16. Short black skirt

  17. Printed silk skirt

  18. White denim skirt

  19. Green lace skirt

  20. Striped skirt

  21. White chino shorts

  22. Navy chino shorts

  23. Striped shorts

  24. Denim shorts

  25. White denim shorts

Outerwear - Blazers, Jackets etc.

  1. Navy blazer

  2. Rust herringbone blazer

  3. Green herringbone blazer

  4. Grey herringbone blazer

  5. Floral blazer

  6. Pink gingham blazer

  7. Denim jacket

  8. Short white tweed jacket with gold buttons

  9. Short white tweed jacket with brown buttons

  10. Plaid blazer

  11. Short black tweed jacket

  12. Short black wool blazer

  13. Tuxedo blazer

  14. Long blue and white tweed jacket

  15. Long white tweed jacket

  16. Barbour coat

  17. Camel coat

  18. Black wool coat

Seasonal Pieces & Extras (Nice dresses etc)

  1. Green and white striped oxford

  2. Plaid button-down

  3. Plaid ruffle shirt

  4. Cream cashmere crewneck

  5. Cream cashmere turtleneck sweater

  6. Cream cotton cableknit turtleneck sweater

  7. Black cashmere sweater

  8. Cream cashmere cardigan

  9. Black cashmere cardigan

  10. Black and white tweed vest

  11. Brown tweed vest

  12. Blue and white tweed skirt

  13. Plaid midi skirt

  14. Plaid short skirt

  15. Equestrian print skirt

  16. Floral short skirt

  17. Floral midi skirt

  18. Grey moto jeans

  19. Navy trousers

  20. Black trousers

  21. White jeans

  22. Classic wash jeans

Accessories (Scarves, Hats, Jewelry, Purses)

  1. An assortment of silk scarves (about 10)

  2. An assortment of large scarves and shawls (about 10)

  3. Faux fur stole

  4. Brown satchel

  5. Black top handle purse

  6. Brown top handle purse

  7. Classic day clutch

  8. Crossbody purse

  9. Black slouchy purse 

  10. Black wool fedora

  11. Green wool fedora

  12. Boater hat

  13. Straw fedora

  14. Black floppy hat

  15. Brown floppy hat

  16. Camel floppy hat

  17. Blue floppy hat

  18. An assortment of statement necklaces (about 5)

  19. An assortment of long necklaces (about 4)

  20. An assortment of brooches (5-10)

  21. An assortment of statement bangles (about 5)

  22. A few pairs of statement earrings

  23. Simple everyday jewelry (pearl studs, diamond studs, gold bangle, three gold rings) 

  24. Black and brown reversible belt with 3 interchangeable buckles

  25. Classic brown belt

  26. 2 vintage Dooney & Bourke belts


  1. Ballet flats

  2. Black brogues

  3. Brown wingtips

  4. Black lace-up flats

  5. Black flats with gold hardware

  6. White Jack Rogers 

  7. Brown gladiators

  8. Brown loafers

  9. Brown chelsea boots

  10. Black chelsea boots

  11. Brown riding boots

  12. Brown heeled boots

  13. Black heeled loafers

  14. Burgundy heeled loafers

  15. Brown heeled booties

  16. Bean boots

  17. Brown peep toe heels 

  18. Black loafer mules

  19. Black and yellow Stubbs 

That's everything! As I mentioned above, I will be sharing the exact pieces from each category that I use to create my looks moving forward. My hope is that it will inspire at least one of you to see how I stretch a closet of 110 pieces across all four seasons. Also, I have put together a little capsule wardrobe video on my YouTube channel to go with this post. You can check it out below or here and I hope you like it! 

Until next time!