10 Basics Every Woman Needs

The foundation to a wonderful wardrobe is basics, so today I'm sharing the 10 that I always have on hand.

These pieces are not only classics, but when mixed and matched (with different accessories and shoes) can be worn year-round for an endless array of looks. So, whether you already have your own basics or are looking for a place to start, I hope this list helps you streamline for wardrobe so that it works for you rather than against you.

I've outlined these pieces below and also filmed a corresponding video embedded at the end of this post, so without further ado, let's get into it. 

White T

My first essential is a white t. I love a white t because it can be dressed up or down and worn with pretty much everything under the sun. When looking for the perfect white t I recommend finding one in 100% cotton with either a u-neck or v-neck because they tend to be the most versatile necklines. Also, I like my white t's to have short sleeves that aren't too short so that I still feel covered. I've linked my favorite, go-to white t's below. 

White Shirt

When it comes to wardrobe basics the white shirt reigns supreme. This piece is the ultimate basic because it take you seamlessly from the office to the weekend without skipping a single beat. When looking for your perfect white tee I recommend finding one in 100% cotton (non-iron is great if you're short on ironing time).

Beyond cotton, I also recommend finding one that has some kind of seaming or piping so that it flatters your shape. Before jumping into my favorite white shirts I want to offer an honorable mention to the white silk shirt. Even though I didn't include the silk shirt in this list, it is definitely a necessity for me and deserves at least a mention on this list. 

Striped Shirt

Next up is the striped shirt. Perfectly Parisian and nautical, the striped shirt is an essential for when I want to feel chic with minimal effort. I love to wear mine with jeans, shorts, skirts, blazers and more for a look thats equal parts casual and chic. When choosing a striped shirt for my wardrobe I look for one in cotton that is either 3/4 sleeve or long sleeve because that tends to be the most versatile for me. I've linked some of my faves below for you but recommend checking everywhere for your perfect striped tee. 

Classic Sweater

A classic sweater is another essential for it's versatility. Not only can this staple be dressed up with a great skirt and statement necklace, but it can also serve a wonderful topper for everything from sundresses to swimsuits. When choosing a classic sweater I love cashmere in a neutral color and love to wait until my favorite retailers are having sales so I can get the biggest bang for my buck. Below, I've linked some of my favorite options on the market now starting as low as $70! 

Basic Blazer

By this point it should be no surprise that I LOVE blazers! Herringbone, navy, basic black, elbow patched, I love them all and think you can never have too many. That said, if I had to choose only one blazer forever it would be a basic black or navy number that can be worn with everything else in my closet. When choosing your perfect, year-round blazer I recommend finding one in a lightweight wool and a neutral color that compliments the most items in your closet.

Also, while gold buttons are nice I would recommend starting out with simple, understated buttons. That way, you can wear your topper without worry that the buttons will compete with anything else in your outfit. 

Tweed Jacket

The tweed jacket is another topper that I can't live without. When I'm in the mood for a jacket but don't want to wear a blazer, the tweed jacket is perfect. Not only are these classic staples chic, but they can easily be dressed down by pairing them with jeans and a light blouse for a sophisticated yet casual look. When looking for your perfect tweed jacket I recommend finding one in a neutral color (black, cream, white) and don't hesitate to look everywhere - mainstream shops, department stores, second-hand shops etc. Also, if you find a great option that seems to be lacking in wow factor, don't hesitate to take it to a tailor and have some amazing buttons added down the front and on the sleeves. 

Black Skirt

If I listed all the ways I love the black skirt we would be here all day so let me just say that this is another non-negotiable for me. I love to wear mine with my striped shirt, white shirt, white t, tweed jacket, blazers and more. When choosing your perfect black skirt I recommend finding one that comes just above or at your knee and in a style that flatters your shape - whether that be pencil, a-line or flare. 

Classic Jeans

Finding for your perfect pair of jeans is often easier said than done so I recommend hitting the shops and trying on as many pairs as possible. Beyond that, try and find a pair in a medium to dark wash because its the most versatile. Also, try and find a pair (or have a pair tailored) to your ankle so that you can wear them easily with flats, boots and heels. I've linked some great options below for you that I've tried and loved but what works for me may not work for you so don't hesitate to check every brand under the sun for your perfect pair. 

Little Black Dress

If you saw my earlier post, you know that I rely on the LBD for year-round wear. As with everything else mentioned above, the little black dress is a wardrobe staple for me because it can be dressed up or down for endless outfit possibilities. For me, the perfect LBD has either an a-line or fit and flare style and comes in a lightweight material that can be easily layered for both warm and cool weather. Below, I've linked some fantastic options available now in case you're on the hunt for your own LBD. 

Party Dress  

While you could certainly wear the LBD for a party or more formal affair, I like to have a designated party dress on hand for those moments I want to feel a little more special. The one that I have on hand is navy and lace and features a nice pencil style that can easily take me from dinner to a cocktail party and the theater without skipping a beat. In fact, this is the very dress I wore for our rehearsal dinner and love it dearly. I've linked some similar options below in case this particular silhouette suits your fancy.  


That's everything! Those are the 10 basics that make up the foundation of my wardrobe. To really stretch these pieces, I love to mix and match them with different accessories and shoes so in the coming weeks I will be sharing my essentials of those as well. In the meantime I'd love to know what your essentials are! Let me know in the comments down below and I hope you have a great weekend.

Until next time,