Now that I've shared the colors I gravitate towards, the general feeling I strive for and how these keep me focused on pieces I'll actually wear, let's touch on the 10 items that are always in my closet. For me, these pieces are the cornerstone of great dressing and help me put together countless outfits that always feel like me. For you, these key pieces may look exactly like mine and for others they may be completely different.

The key here is to learn what works for you and then wear those pieces with pride - even if it means that you wear the same "uniform" of a t-shirt and jeans almost every day. Also, these 10 pieces have worked beautifully for me and I've found that they are also relatively universal but the nuances between each of our own personal styles lie in the colors, cuts and silhouettes that we choose these pieces in. For example, I love a crisp white, collared button down but you may prefer a collarless pillowy white shirt. What's most important is that you select pieces that can serve as a base or blank canvas for your outfits, and always do so with your own unique personal style in mind.


  1. White Shirt

  2. Black T-Shirt (Short Sleeve)

  3. White T-Shirt (Short Sleeve)

  4. Striped T-Shirt (Long Sleeve or 3/4 Sleeve)

  5. Black Pants

  6. Black Skirt

  7. Light Sweater

  8. Classic Jeans (mid or dark wash)

  9. Classic Blazer

  10. Black Dress (cap or short sleeves and knee length or longer is perfect for year-round wear)

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