Wish List


In order to build a well rounded wardrobe, and avoid impulse purchases I like to keep a running wish list of pieces I think will compliment my closet and my personal style. These include short term purchases (require less saving and planning - things like t-shirts) and long term purchases (things that require a lot more planning and saving - sometimes even years of planning and saving). Here, I'm sharing the things I have on my list with you. I will continually update it as new things make their way onto my list and also if and when I decide that some things on this list won’t work after-all.

You can click on any of the images to be taken to their purchase page if you're interested. Also, at the bottom I've included anything from the wish list that I've purchased or have been gifted so that you can see how the items go from wish list to purchase, and are actually incorporated into my wardrobe. You should also note that some affiliate links have been used below. This means that if you choose to shop from one of my links, I may make a very small commission from your purchase. This support helps me continue to make content. That said, none of these links or items are sponsored but I am occasionally gifted things from this list. Sponsored posts will and gifted things will always be disclosed and you can read more about my personal approach to ethical blogging here. Thank you so much for your support!




Purchased Wish List Items


Below, I’ve rounded up anything that was on my wish list and has been added to my closet with my own money. In other words, these are things I bought myself. Below this I’ve outlined the items I have been graciously gifted. You can also see how I style these things with my current wardrobe on my YouTube channel, here on my blog and over on my Instagram.


Gifted Wish List Items


Sometimes, I am very graciously gifted items from my wish list, but the vast majority is purchased by me. Below, I’ve outlined anything that has been gifted. To learn more about how I work with brands and occasionally accept gifted items, you can read my full disclosure here. You can also see how I style them with my current wardrobe on my YouTube channel, here on my blog and over on my Instagram.



Things That Have Been Removed From My Wish List & Why


One of the things I love the most about having a wish list is that it allows me to take my time before making a purchase and do a lot of research and outfit planning to ensure something will really work for my wardrobe before buying it. Through this research and planning, every now and then a wish list item will be removed when I decide that it actually won’t work for my wardrobe, lifestyle etc and below, I’ll list these items along with why they’ve been removed.


This beautiful, linen trench was sadly removed from my wish list after I purchased it and it was much too large. Even though it’s beautifully made and the neutral color I chose was perfect - not too warm or too cool - the fit was off for me and I was swimming in it. I’ve now moved this off my wish list but am always looking for a great trench.


A similar story with these wide leg crops. They have been sold out on Everlane for ages so I tried a very similar pair at Madewell and they were much too wide for my frame. Instead, I picked up a pair of straight leg, white, cotton pants from Everlane that I love & give me the same effect.


Lace up ankle boots have been on my wish list for quite a while now and after doing tons of research and planning my current wardrobe and what I love to wear, I decided to pick up a pair with a shorter heel, rubber sole and more durable, classic silhouette. I also opted for a deep brown color. I’ve styled them a few ways so far and I’m so happy with my decision! I hope to use them as a trial run to decide if I should invest in the silhouette for a pair I can have forever. Who knew the shoe I was missing was one I never really considered until recently!