What I Packed For 8 Days In Maine | 1 Carry-On

Before I left for Maine in early August, I filmed a quick packing video of everything I brought and how I organized it all in my carry-on. Below, I've listed all of the clothes, shoes and accessories I brought along with my video of how I organized everything into my new Away suitcase that I was very graciously gifted. Also, I think it's important to note that I was gifted this suitcase after I mentioned it in a few blog posts, but this post is not sponsored by Away. That said, I am very happy with it so far and if you're interested in a more in-depth review, let me know and I'll do one after I've had it for a bit. In my next video I'll be sharing a few of my outfits and some clips of beautiful Maine but in the meantime, thank you so much for watching! 


White Linen Tee: Grana
White Cotton U-Neck Tee: Everlane
White Cotton Crewneck Tee: Hanes (This is new & I don't love this)
White Cotton Blouse: Mango
Black Cotton Tee: Grana
Navy Blazer: Brooks Brothers (I've had this for years)
Cashmere Cardigan: J.Crew (a few years old)
White Linen Shorts: J.Crew (a few years old)
Denim Shorts: Levi's (a few years old)
Green Chinos: LOFT (a few years old)
Light Wash Jeans: H&M (from poshmark & tailored)
Black Linen Dress: TopShop (no longer available)
Blue & White Linen Dress: Mango
Brown Sandals: Zara
Woven Mules: St. Agni*
Round Sunglasses: Ralph Lauren (I've had these for years)
Silk Scarves: Vintage from Etsy
Shop Machete Tortoise Shell Hoops:
Bold Gold Hoops: ETSY (no longer available)
Small Gold Hoops: Vintage
Diamond Studs
Pearl Studs
White Statement Earrings: Tuckernuck
Round Straw Bag: ETSY


Brand Spotlight: Margaux


Early one morning a few years ago, I was sitting at my desk in NYC going through my usual media monitoring, when I came across an article outlining an exciting new brand. The brand was Margaux and co-founders Alexa and Sarah were disrupting the shoe industry by offering made to measure ballet flats.

As a lover of these classic shoes I was instantly interested. Not only did they look great (supple leather, classic colors and the perfect small stacked heel) but they were also surprisingly affordable.

Since then, I've been following these two inspiring entrepreneurs as they've hit countless milestones and continued to grow their brand.

I just love everything they're doing and want to share them with you today.

Beyond being inspired by their drive and impressive success, I've also had a pair of their flats on my wish list for a few years now and I hope to finally pick up a pair for fall/winter.

In the meantime, this is a great interview with Alexa and Sarah, you can follow Margaux here on Instagram, and below I've outlined a few of my favorite items.

"We make modern shoes for the modern woman: Ballerina flats handcrafted of Italian leather, and designed for the perfect fit."


August Mood Board


I've always loved August. For as long as I can remember it's signaled new beginnings full of promise, and this year is no exception. August, with her long, humid days and steady summer haze perfectly ushers in restful weekends and lazy evenings spent outside as we slowly bid farewell to summer. This transition, though ever so slightly melancholy always gets me excited for fall and even though we're only a few days in, I can already feel her working her magic once again. To hold onto that feeling and ease gently into the rest of the year, this month's mood board is a clean slate of earthy tones and muted fabrics. I'm holding onto this palette and feeling as I begin to plan my fall and winter capsules, and settle into another autumn down south. 

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On My Radar No 49


Happy Friday! Jason and I are back in Charleston after a wonderful week in Maine (with little to no cell service) and I already miss it. Each time I'm lucky enough to head up to Maine I'm reminded just how much I love it and I'm instantly hit with a desire to move back north. The change of seasons, the lower humidity, the architecture and so much more make me feel perfectly at home. So, while I spend the rest of the day dreaming of Maine, catching up on everything I missed while I was away and editing my Maine videos for you, here are some of the things that have been on my radar this week.

KERATIN TREATMENT | I've been on a bit of a hair journey most of this year trying to finally learn how to care for my natural hair texture. After many years of blowdrying and straightening my hair, I wanted to become re-aquatinted with my natural texture so that I have the option of wearing it both straight and wavy. There is certainly nothing wrong with heat styling or altering your natural texture, but on a personal level I wanted to feel like I had the choice of one or the other, and not like I was doing it just to fit in. Throughout this experiment, I've learned so much about my hair (my texture, porosity etc) and I'll be sharing an update very soon. In the meantime, one of my biggest obstacles has been humidity control and I've tried nearly everything under the sun. Especially here in the south where the heat and humidity are through the roof all summer, many of the methods I've tried haven't worked but one thing that has worked is a keratin infused conditioner and hair mask. The great results I've gotten from these have left me wanting to take the plunge on a keratin treatment, and I've been doing tons of research on the pros and cons. If you or anyone you know has done one, I'd love to know how you liked it. 

HOUSE OF CARDS SEASON 6 PREMIERE | I'm a huge House Of Cards fan and I can't wait for the premiere of season 6 later this year! I'm so excited for more Robin Wright and endless plot twists and turns. 

WHERE TO SPEND CHRISTMAS | It may only be August, but I'm already excited for Christmas and this list of festive places to spend the holidays has me dreaming of a winter wonderland. 


Out Of Office: In Maine!

Happy Thursday! I'm officially setting my out of office for the next week to spend some quality time in Maine - one of my favorite places in the world. I'll be soaking up plenty of sea air and taking in all the New England charm. I'll also be sharing bits on Instagram and when I get back, I'll have a complete run down of what I packed and the outfits I wore. Also, if you've left me a comment recently and I haven't gotten back to you yet, I'm so sorry. I'm trying to get to everyone - it's just taking me longer than I'd hoped. In the meantime, I hope you have a wonderful rest of the week and thank you so much for stopping by. xxAudrey

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How To Shop Secondhand & A Few Of My Favorite Buys

I love secondhand and vintage shopping! I've been building my wardrobe this way for years since my mom first took me thrifting as a little girl. Not only is it a wonderful way to find amazing, unique pieces, it's also my favorite way to add high quality items to my wardrobe that would normally be out of my budget. These items include gorgeous blazers, designer shoes, luxurious cashmere and more and today, I want to share my tips with you. These are the things I do to find the best things at the best price possible and they're tips I've honed over many many years of secondhand and vintage shopping both online and in person. 


Before we jump into my tips, let's go over why I love secondhand and vintage shopping. 

  • It's a wonderful way to participate in the slow fashion movement and it's a great way to help reduce fashion waste. When I'm shopping each season, I've made it a habit to check secondhand options first and I'm always happy when I can find exactly what I'm looking for.
  • You can find some amazing, high quality pieces at a fraction of their traditional retail price (like my cashmere cable knit sweater that I found brand new, with the tags on for only $20!!)
  • It's a great way to find designer items without breaking the bank like my Louis Vuitton purse that I picked up from eBay for under $200 and my Ferragamo boots that I found brand new, in the box on eBay for only $100.
  • You can find 100% unique pieces that can take your wardrobe to the next level and really highlight your personal style beautifully. Especially when coupled with tailoring and other tweaks, vintage and secondhand items really help set your wardrobe apart. 


Now let's go over my top tips for shopping secondhand. These are the things I do to find not only the best items, but also the best price possible and they are things I've been using for many years. 

START WITH A PLAN | I always recommend shopping with a plan but when shopping secondhand and vintage, this becomes even more important. Not only is it essential to identify the holes in your wardrobe before shopping, it's also important to get as specific as possible with what you're looking for. For example, if I want to add a blazer to my wardrobe, I won't just blindly start shopping for blazers either at the thrift store or on ebay etc. Especially when shopping online, just searching for blazers will result in millions of listings that can take ages to sort through. To avoid wasting time and potentially buying something you don't need, I recommend being as clear as possible with what you want. So, instead of just a blazer, maybe you want a greay, herringbone blazer with elbow patches. The more specific you can be, the better. Once you have a clear search in place, add in all of the filters to help narrow things down even further. You're going to want to add the material, the color, your size range (we'll touch on this more in a bit), the location (be sure to select items that are closet to you to avoid expensive shipping costs) etc.   

TRY COMMON MISSPELLINGS | This next one is especially true when searching for clothes on eBay where spelling errors are common. Ebay doesn't have autocorrect or spell check so brand names are often misspelled. To help find hidden listings that may not be coming up in regular results, try common misspellings. For example, when I was looking for a pair of Ferragamo boots, I tried common misspellings and was able to find a beautiful pair of boots, brand new, in the box, never worn for only $100 simply because they misspelled the brand so the listing wasn't coming up in most results. 

KNOW YOUR MEASUREMENTS | Next, I think it's important that you know your measurements. The length of your foot in inches, the width of your shoulders, waist, hips and thighs. Your inseam. Your outseam. All of these measurements are so important for shopping secondhand and vintage because often times you can't go by just the size alone. I also recommend comparing a garment's measurements to a piece you already own and love. 

ASK QUESTIONS | eAlong the same lines as knowing your measurements, you want to ask as many questions as possible. If the measurements aren't included in the listing, ask for them. Also, don't hesitate to ask for pictures of a tape measure on the piece so you can really see where the measurements have been taken.

Also, you want to ask as many questions as possible for everything else. What's the size, the age, where did they buy it, when did they buy it, why are they selling it? Does it have any flaws, tears, stains? Have they had it tailored? Also, if the photos are poorly lit, don't hesitate to ask for new photos in daylight. Never feel like you're being a nuisance for asking tons of questions. You'll be spending your hard earned money on something and you should feel 100% comfortable with the item before you buy it. Also, in my experience a trustworthy seller is more than happy to answer any questions you have. If they give you push back, I wouldn't buy the item. 

AUTHENTICATE DESIGNER ITEMS | If you're buying a designer item, you're really going to want to ask questions and then use the answers to authenticate the item on your own. I love PurseForum for this. You can also usually have an item authenticated at the boutique or designer store once you purchase it. If, in the unlikely event you purchase a fake, eBay and most other sites should protect you and you will be able to get a full refund. Also, places like TheRealReal.com are wonderful at authenticating everything in house so you can shop with assurance. 

SHOP IN AFFLUENT AREAS | My mom taught me this next tip and it never fails. If shopping at a consignment shop or secondhand store, try to go to the stores in affluent areas. These shops tend to get better donations and are also more likely to receive items that are brand new. By doing this, I've been able to get a $200 cashmere sweater, completely unworn with the tags still on for only $20!

download (1).jpeg

SHOP OUT OF SEASON | I love this next tip for anywhere I'm shopping but it's particularly useful when shopping secondhand. By shopping for cashmere, wool and other cold weather items in spring and summer your able to find some amazing items at a wonderful price because nobody else is looking for them. Also, the start of a new season is the perfect time to shop for the previous season because many people will be cleaning out their closets to prepare for the new season. Plus, you'll have fewer customers searching for sweaters and blazers so the prices tend to be lower. I've gotten some of my best deals on blazers during the summer like my beloved Ralph Lauren blazer that I picked up for under $20 just by searching on eBay in July.

NATURAL > SYNTHETIC | I like this a general rule of thumb when shopping anywhere, but especially when buying things that may have been worn before I recommend choosing natural fibers over synthetics. Not only do natural fibers last longer so you're more likely to find pieces in better condition, but certain fabrics like wool and cashmere are even self cleaning to a degree so they're less icky and also easier to clean once you get them home. Also, they're sometimes easier to remove unwanted smells and such from. 

KNOW WHEN TO WALK AWAY | Along those same lines, know what can and can't be repaired and what issue can be resolved easily - such as stains. Generally speaking I try to avoid stains - especially those around the collar, armpits and wrists. I also avoid anything that needs major repair and instead stick to things that need minor alterations at the most. This is especially important when it comes to alterations. I have a larger video all about tailoring coming up but in the meantime, you want to keep in mind that a tailor isn't a magician and they won't be able to alter things by more than a few inches in either direction. Also, you'll want to always check if there is enough extra fabric for any alterations you may need - especially if you want to lengthen the sleeves or pants of an item. 

SET ALERTS | Nobody wants to be a slave to shopping and setting alerts for things I'm looking for have really helped me stay on top of new listings without having to spend forever on my computer. Alerts were particularly helpful when I was looking for a pair of Gucci loafers. I knew I wanted the 1969 loafers in tan, preferably unworn or very gently worn because I was planning on wearing them a ton, and I wanted them under $100.

I searched over a year for them before they finally popped up in my alerts. The alerts helped me nab them before anyone else and get them brand new in the box, never worn for only $100.

SET A BUDGET, AND STICK TO IT | Set Setting and sticking to your budget is important anytime you're shopping but I think it's important to include it when secondhand shopping too. Especially depending on your personality, you may become very competitive in an auction and lose sight of what you want to pay and instead only focus on winning. 

To help avoid this, I love services like MyIbay that will bid for you after you set your max bid. That way, you can't go over budget and you don't have to wake up at all hours to win an auction ending at 3am just because it's a good deal. 

CHECK THE RETURN POLICY | Sites like ebay used to not allow returns but now some sellers do, also some thrift stores don't allow returns. To avoid being stuck with a purchase that doesn't work, I recommend always checking the return policy. 



  • eBay - great for just about everything and the best site for deals

  • ETSY - best for vintage like silk scarves and unique finds but a little pricier. It's also more curated than eBay so sometimes I'll find something in ETSY and then search for it on ebay before making a purchase. I've been able to stay within my budget a lot easier this way.

  • POSHMARK - good for lower end items, often trendy items - think Zara, TopShop, Baublebar, And Other Stories etc

  • TheRealReal - they exclusively offer designer items and do a wonderful job of authenticating things before they're listed. I've had good luck with them in the past, but that that last time I purchased from them, the item was not as described and it had stains on it. They handled it very well though and the return process was very easy. 

  • local thrift stores, goodwill, vintage shops