Dressing Rules EVERYONE Should Learn (VIDEO)

Today I'm sharing dressing rules everyone should learn. These dressing rules are easy to follow tips that can help you feel amazing every day. Plus, they're things many of us may not have considered before but when you do, they make all the difference. Thanks so much for watching! xx Audrey


Today I’m sharing my fall 2019 wardrobe plan. This includes my inspiration and goals for the season as well as my color palette, a few new purchases and my wish list.



Happy September! For most of us, the beginning of this month signals the end of summer and a reminder of the antiquated American fashion rule that you shouldn’t wear white after Labor Day.

The origin of this silly rule is often tied to three separate theories, the first of which being that it was based on class distinction in the early 1900’s when after the Civil War, it became more difficult to distinguish women that came from old money from those that came from new money. As a way of making class distinctions more obvious, it’s believed that upper class women came up with some fashion rules only known by the in crowd so that they could easily identify those that didn’t belong - particularly around country clubs.

Another theory is that for many Memorial Day and Labor Day signal the beginning and end to summer and the beginning and end of light, airy and often white summer clothing. The final theory is that fashion magazines often promote fall clothing after Labor Day, prompting consumers to feel as though summer clothes (and often white clothes) were no longer appropriate.

Whatever the origins, most of us can agree that these silly fashion rules shouldn’t be taken seriously and instead, we should all wear what makes us feel amazing and for me, one of those things is white clothing. To help inspire both myself and you to embrace white throughout the fall and into winter, I’ve rounded up some of my favorite white outfit inspiration. This is just a snapshot of the endless outfit possibilities using this shade and you can see more outfits over on my Pinterest board here.

Just 3 New Things To Update What I Already Have | Vintage & Trendy Fall Updates

Today I'm sharing how to update your wardrobe by pinpointing just a few things to help modernize what you already have. These 3 new additions were carefully planned to compliment my existing wardrobe and are things I know I'll wear for years. Also, this is part 2 of this mini series (in the first I restyled and fell back in love with what I already have) and these pieces are a mix of vintage & trendy items to help update my current wardrobe for fall. Thanks so much for watching! xx Audrey