Late Summer Outfit Inspiration

Before I hope into today’s post, I want to share that Jason and I have been very lucky and it looks like Charleston and our home has not been damaged by Hurricane Florence. Jason, Maddie, Jeffrey, Samantha and I have been in Florida with my parents the last few days and while I’m grateful that our home hasn’t been damaged, I’m heartbroken for those who haven’t been as lucky. We’re heading home today and if you have any recommendations for ways to help those impacted by Hurricane Florence, please let me know.

For today’s post, I want to share some late summer outfit inspiration. The first day of fall may be only a week or so away but in much of the country it still feels like summer. This transitional period can be so tricky to dress for so today I’ve gathered a few late summer outfit ideas that you can easily recreate. Most of these looks feature rich fall hues in lighter fabrics to keep you from melting and plenty of fall accessories that help transition even your warmest clothing.


First up is one of my favorites in the bunch and I love how beautifully the shades of brown work together to create a perfect fall palette. Plus, the deeper shade of silk is wonderful for welcoming slightly cooler temps without melting and can easily be layered up as the weather cools down. Simple gold accessories, a classic bag and mules complete the look.


One of my favorite ways to transition my summer pieces into fall is by adding deeper accessories like a pair of red shoes. In this look a satin dress (or silk/satin separates) instantly look sophisticated and fall ready by adding a classic blazer and red shoes. The addition of timeless earrings rounds everything out.


Speaking of pops of red, adding the color of the season into your favorite outfits is a great way to transition into fall.

Here, a red blazer looks perfect when paired with a white tee, black jeans and sleek mules. The woven bag keeps things from feeling too autumn and the simple jewelry is the perfect finishing touch.


One of my favorite “uniforms” is a white shirt. I love how with a few small tweaks this combination can transition effortlessly throughout the year and for early fall, it doesn’t get better than a white shirt, jeans, sling backs and classic bag.

The summery sunglasses keep the look relevant and rolling the sleeves adds a touch of style while also keeping you cool. Slightly frayed edges and undone hair are nice additions if you feel a little too buttoned up in this combo.

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Hurricane Florence + An Update

download (28).jpeg

I’m writing this post from my parent’s home in Florida where Jason, Maddie, Jeffrey, Samantha and I have all evacuated to.

After tracking Hurricane Florence for the last few days, we decided to prepare the house for the worse and head out of town rather than risk a potential direct hit.

My heart goes out to everyone in the path of this storm and my thoughts are with everyone in North Carolina as they brace for a direct hit. I am truly hoping for the best for everyone involved and am ready to help in any way I can afterward.

If you are reading this after the storm hits and are negatively impacted in any way, please don’t hesitate to reach out - even if just to talk. The destruction from a storm like this can be devastating and I want you to know that you’re in my thoughts. In the meantime, I’ll be taking the rest of the week off and will hopefully be back next week to my regular filming and posting schedule.


Grana Announces Outlet For Out Of Season Pieces

Shopping out of season is one of my favorite ways to score great deals on pieces I need, and now Grana is making that easy to do with their new Outlet. In line with their commitment to environmental responsibility, rather than wasting beautifully made garments, Grana will be adding over-stoked items to their outlet at the end of each season. What's even better is that these items are all up to 35% off making for even better prices on their already reasonably priced garments. I love this new initiative and have rounded up a few of my favorite items available in their outlet now.

Just remember, I recommend only buying something on sale if you truly need it and would have purchased it full price. Also, if you use my link here you'll receive 10% off your first order. 


Wardrobe Investments | 5 Easy Ways To Reinvest In Your Wardrobe Without Buying Anything

Today I want to talk about wardrobe investments. Traditionally when we talk about wardrobe investments we're referring to the things that we think will fill a void in our closets and we plan on having around for a long time. These pieces are typically well-made, classic items that we may have even saved up for so they tend to hold special places in our closets and our sartorial memories.


Today, I want to take things one step further and discuss some easy and cheap wardrobe investments that don't require adding new things to your wardrobe. Instead, these tips are all things I use to take my wardrobe one step further and ensure I'm getting the most out of what I have and truly taking the time and energy to keep things feeling fresh. These investments come more in the form of time than money, and are instrumental in ensuring that I'm always working to cultivate my closet and enhance my style even when I'm not shopping.

These tips are all practical and easy to do, and help me take my personal style to the next level so that I'm not just adding things to my closet but rather growing and developing my personal style each season. 

jcrew-gimgham-blazer-castaner-carina-espadrilles-louis-vuitton-clutch-everlane-jeans-everlane-tee-mejuri-diamond-necklace-jacy-watch-11 (1).jpg


Now, I want to share 6 easy ways I reinvest into my own wardrobe. These tips are all free (or inexpensive) and help me reinvest into my wardrobe without actually buying anything. Plus, they're things you can keep doing all year - anytime you feel like your wardrobe needs a refresh but you don't want to buy anything new. 



One of my favorite ways to rework my wardrobe is to restyle some of my favorite pieces. These easy tweaks can range from rolling my sleeves instead of cuffing them or belting my blazer instead of wearing it open and it's amazing what a difference they make. You can see a few of my favorite outfit upgrades here


I can't stress the importance of tailoring enough and it's one of the easiest ways to reinvest in your wardrobe without needing to buy anything new. In fact, tailoring an item is one of the easiest ways to make it feel and look bespoke and it's one of the most important ways you can reinvest in your wardrobe. Plus, you can also swap buttons and other decorative bits to take things even further without breaking the bank. 


If you don't already know your unique wardrobe basics I recommend taking the time to find them now. These basics are essential to a well-rounded wardrobe and having the pieces you'll actually wear is the key to a wardrobe that takes you the distance. 


Next is to switch up your favorite pairings. From wearing different colors together to rotating the combinations you love, switching up the things that feel familiar can breathe new life into them. I personally love doing this when I get the itch to shop and most of the time I'm able to revive my favorite outfits just by swapping the bottoms or tops with something a little more unexpected. 



If you haven't already taken the time to find the colors that make you feel fantastic, now is a great time to do so. This whole process can be a little time intensive but the results are so worth it. Not only are you left with knowing what you LOVE and makes you feel fantastic, but it also makes shopping that much easier because you know what colors to buy and what colors to avoid.


Last but not least, taking care of our clothes is almost more important than what we buy. In order to ensure you that you protect your wardrobe investments (no matter how big or small they are) it's so important to store things properly, mend things and launder them correctly. Take the time to familiarize yourself with the best practices for your clothes and especially at the start of a new season, make sure that you're devoting the necessary time to refresh things as needed. 


On My Radar No 53

Happy Friday! This week was a nice one full of milestones. The first being that Jason and I celebrated our 3rd wedding anniversary and I feel so grateful that I get to spend my life with such a wonderful partner. We kept things low key at home because we will be celebrating with a trip to London in October, and I can't wait!

Also with your amazing support, I reached 80,000 subscribers on YouTube and 10,000 followers on Instagram! I can't thank you enough for your support and every lovely comment and message I receive keeps me inspired to keep making videos.

This weekend I'll be editing some videos and planning some blog posts (I can't believe I'm already working on stuff for October!). I'll also be taking some time to spend outside and enjoy the sunshine but in the meantime, here are a few things that have been on my radar this week.  

FALL CAPSULE PLANNING | Even though it definitely still feels like summer, I'm already planning my fall capsule so that I can have everything neat and organized for my trip to London. I've been working on my fall capsule pinterest board and I'm loving all the shades of cream, camel and brown. 

BEAUTIFUL WHITE SHIRTS | I discovered this lovely shirt brand earlier this week and am completely smitten. Each Rhonda Cole shirt is made and designed in NY and they're absolutely beautiful. Admittedly, the price is steep but it's not out of line with such a beautifully crafted slow fashion item. 

VINCENT VAN GOGH MOVIE | I'm a huge fan of biopics and this upcoming Van Gogh film looks fantastic. 


What's Your Power Color? How To Pick A Color Palette For Your Wardrobe

Today I want to talk about color. We're going to review the difference between colors and neutrals when it comes to your wardrobe, 3 easy methods you can use to establish your ideal color palette and an example color palette that works all year long. First things first, a cohesive balance of color (neutrals & accents) is essential for a wardrobe that can be mixed and matched all year. To fully understand color and color theory we could easily dedicate months if not years to breaking things down based on undertone, hair color, eye color etc but for the sake of this post I'm going to keep things very general so that you can easily implement these tactics into your own closet. 


Before we delve deeper into a few of the top ways you can pick a color palette for your wardrobe, let's differentiate between the two main categories of colors we'll be discussing - neutrals (your base) and accent colors. 

NEUTRALS: When it comes to your closet, neutrals serve as an anchor for bolder shades. These typically make up the majority of your closet and can be worn by anyone regardless of their personal coloring (though there are some nuances to this that we will discuss in a bit). Common neutrals are black, white, grey, camel and even denim and blush pink. 

ACCENT COLORS: The accent colors in your wardrobe are the bolder, more vibrant shades that you feel amazing in and help showcase your personal style.

For maximum versatility, they should also all be in a similar color family so that they can be mixed and matched endlessly. 

neutral colors.jpg
accent color examples.jpg


Before you can choose a color palette for your wardrobe, it's important to understand that all colors (excluding true black and true white) are broken into two main categories - warm and cool. Warm colors contain more yellow and cool colors contain more blue and generally speaking a cohesive closet has one or the other, and rarely both. The reason for this is because warm tends to compliment and "go with" warm, and cool with cool. By choosing shades in the same color family and temperature, you help ensure that everything in your closet will go together. An easy way to visualize this split is on a color wheel like the one here. 

warm vs cool colors.jpg


Now that we know that colors are broken into two main categories, we can break them down even further to select the best colors for your wardrobe. For a well-rounded closet of pieces that can be mixed and matched effortlessly, you will need a nice balance of neutrals (at least 1) and accent colors (at least 1). To hone in on the colors that will work the best for you, you have a few options that I've outlined below and will break down into more detail on the next few pages.


METHOD 1. UNIVERSAL COLORS: You can select colors that are thought to be universally flattering. These colors are a perfect balance of warm (yellow) and cool (blue) tones and for this reason, are said to suit everyone - despite their individual undertone. 

METHOD 2. COLORS BASED ON UNDERTONE: You can select colors that are specifically chosen to compliment your personal coloring and undertone. The theory here is that colors that compliment your skin's undertone act almost like makeup and help to liven and enhance your complexion. They are said to make you look your best and are thought to make your eyes and teeth appear whiter, your skin more even and your mouth more vibrant. 

METHOD 3. ANY COLORS YOU WANT: You can disregard both of these methods and wear whatever colors you want. Always remember that fashion should be fun and you should wear whatever makes you feel your best!

universal colors -.jpg


 First up are the universal colors.

These colors are a perfect balance of cool (blue) and warm (yellow) so they are largely considered to be ideal colors for everyone, regardless of their personal coloring or undertone.

According to many color theory experts, these colors are true black, pure white, blush pink (with some debate), eggplant, teal and true red (you have to ensure that it doesn't lean too red or too orange). 



The next method is to select either cool or warm accent colors to suit your personal undertones. To take this route, you need to first identify your skin tone and undertone so let's differentiate between the two, and then go over a few easy ways to determine what you have. 


Much like color theory in general, we could spend hours going over the nuances of skin tone and undertone and how they all work together with your hair color and eye color, but today we're going to keep things very top line. I'll be delving deeper into this in some upcoming videos. 

SKIN TONE: This refers to the surface color or level of pigment in your skin and can change depending on any number of things - sun exposure, hormones, self tanner etc. Skin tone is generally broken into four major categories - I've left out tan but that is sometimes included as a fifth category between medium and dark. 

  • Fair – You’re very pale, and often burn easily.
  • Light – You're not the lightest of the light, but are still generally pale.
  • Medium – Your skin is, as the name suggests, medium in saturation. 
  • Dark – You have a dark and/or a very deep complexion

UNDERTONE: Now that you know you're skin tone, we can discuss undertone. Unlike your skin tone, your undertone will never change and is determined by the amount of blue, yellow, green or red that you have in your skin. Even though your unique skin consists of countless colors all blending together, one of these four will be more prominent than the others which is what gives you your personal undertone. Generally speaking there are 4 common undertones. 

Screen Shot 2018-08-23 at 9.49.04 AM.png
  • Cool – Your skin leans pink, or red 
  • Warm – Your skin leans peachy, yellow, or golden
  • Neutral – Your skin has some mixture of these colors 
  • Olive - Your skin has a clear green cast to it. This one is tricky because it's often mistaken for warm skin but olive skin actually leans slightly more neutral than warm, and has a natural green pigment that is visible on the surface of the skin. This can sometimes come across as almost gray or ashen and it can be very difficult to find makeup that works with your complexion. 


 If you're unsure what your undertone is, I've outlined some common ways to figure it out here. Each of these methods is easy to do on yourself and for best results, you should try them in natural day light without makeup on. Also, if you're ever unsure, don't hesitate to ask a friend or family member for help because sometimes it's easier to see undertone on someone else.


Look at the veins on your wrist in natural daylight. If your veins appear blue, you’re cool toned. If your veins appear green, you’re warm toned or olive. If your veins are a little of both, you’re neutral or even olive.

Screen Shot 2018-08-23 at 9.47.12 AM.png


Next, hold a piece of gold jewelry and a piece of silver jewelry up to your skin. If the gold jewelry makes your eyes shine, your teeth pop and your features soft, then you're warm toned. If silver jewelry makes your eyes sparkle, your smile bright and your features dance, you're cool toned. If both suit you, you're likely neutral toned or potentially olive.


For this last test, wrap your body and hair in pure white towels and examine your bare face, neck and shoulders in natural daylight. If your skin appears yellow you have warm skin. If your skin looks blueish or flushed, you're likely cool toned. If your skin is somewhere in the middle or looks grey or ashen, you're likely neutral or potentially olive.

*Also, in case it helps you to better understand your own undertone I'm a  medium olive with high contrast (my hair and eyes are much darker than my skin). My undertone can appear warm depending on what I'm wearing and I'm often mischaracterized as being warm. Foundations that are too yellow turn bright orange on me and foundations that are too neutral can appear too washed out and just not right. My ideal shades are usually a mix of both and I tend to have better luck with neutral undertones that are sheered out and warmed up with blush and bronzer (Tarte Amazonian Clay in Exposed is a great one for this), than I do with warm undertones. Some of my favorite true olive foundations are by Giorgio Armani, Makeup Forever, Koh Gen Do & Alima Pure but I've also had great luck with BareMinerals (because it's so sheer), Chanel (their now discontinued Perfection Lumiere in shade 30 was perfect for me!) & some Lancome, Dior & YSL in the past. 



Now that you know your undertone, you can select your neutral and accent colors accordingly. If you're cool toned, blue based accent colors will compliment you beautifully. If you're very fair and cool, you may prefer to break up bright white with accessories that compliment your undertone. Also you may love the contrast that black offers, but may prefer wearing it in a softer fabric and paired with sparking jewelry or metallic accessories for a brightening effect.

Screen Shot 2018-08-23 at 9.50.28 AM.png


If you're warm, yellow based colors are wonderful options for you. Like the cool colors above, these colors are very top line and only show a small segment of the colors you can choose from. You may also prefer warm neutrals like taupe, cappuccino, cream, and mushroom gray over cooler versions of these shades. You may also prefer to wear black away from your face (in your pants, skirts, shorts etc), and you may feel better in cream or ivory instead of pure white. 

Screen Shot 2018-08-23 at 9.51.26 AM.png


If you're neutral toned, selecting your accent colors may be incredibly easy because you can theoretically wear every color under the sun, but many stylists and color theorists recommend avoiding anything too saturated - especially if you have lower contrast. Instead, you may prefer muted colors like pale blue and you may also love off-white instead of pure white and mid-range greys.



Much like neutral undertones, olive skin can theoretically wear practically any color with little difficulty but this can largely depend on your overtones (warm or cool) and your contrast (hair and eye color in relation to your skin tone). That said though, many color theorists recommend avoiding pastels and any colors that pull too much of your overtones. When it comes to olive skin, it's all a matter of testing and trying different colors until you find what you love but I'm also working on a video that will go into more detail so be on the lookout for that. 

Screen Shot 2018-08-23 at 9.53.22 AM.png


Screen Shot 2018-08-23 at 9.54.41 AM.png

And there you have it! A very quick crash course in color and how you can identify the colors that will work the best for your personal wardrobe. I want to leave you with an example color palette using the information we've just gone over.

This is a classic palette that can work year-round and allow plenty of freedom for accessorizing with more vibrant shades. As you can see, the neutrals are black, white and camel (I've gone with a mid range camel here but you can swap it with a warmer or cooler camel to suit your preferences), and accent colors of blue (which will be found in the denim) and one of the universal colors - I've selected blush pink because I really like that color but you can easily swap this out for any color you like.