I’ve made some updates/tweaks to my wish list so I did some more outfit planning and wishing. These are so helpful for visualizing how something will fit into my wardrobe and they’re so much fun to put together! Just like last time, I compiled outfits of things I already have and the wish list items to create versatile looks that demonstrate how an item will work with my existing closet. I’ve linked everything down below.

everlane goweave pants.- uniqlo sweater - crockett and jones boots - sabina savage scarf - monica rich kosann locket.jpg

WHAT I HAVE: Blue Wool Sweater / Black Jacket / Delicate Necklace / Signet ring / Delicate bracelet / Black Chelsea Boots / Black Wool Pants / Classic Locket / Beige Sunglasses / Sabina Savage Scarf
WHAT I’LL ADD: Nothing, I just love this outfit :)


WHAT I HAVE: Blue Wool Sweater / Delicate Necklace / Signet ring / Delicate bracelet / Cap Toe Pumps / Black Wool Pants / Classic Bucket Bag Beige Sunglasses / Light Cashmere Scarf / Long Gold Necklace
WHAT I’LL ADD: Classic Charm Bracelet

angela-roi-angelou-mini-bucket-thelma-loafers-wide-leg-crop-mejuri-pantos-paris-sunglasses-cuyana-scarf-transparent-sunglasses-ruffs-signet-ring-sabina-savage-scarf-everlane-silk-uniqlo-wool-everlane jeans.jpg

WHAT I HAVE: Blue Wool Sweater / Delicate Necklace / Signet ring / Delicate bracelet / Cap Toe Pumps / Jeans / Sabina Savage Scarf /Classic Bucket Bag / Beige Sunglasses / Long Gold Necklace
WHAT I’LL ADD: Classic Charm Bracelet


WHAT I HAVE: Blue Wool Sweater / Delicate Necklace / Signet ring / Delicate bracelet / Brown Ankle Boots / Beige Sunglasses / Classic Bucket Bag / Light Cashmere Scarf
WHAT I’LL ADD: Classic Charm Bracelet / Modern Diamonds

How To Dress Like A French Woman | French Style Guide (VIDEO)

Today I'm sharing how to dress like a french woman. These are my tips for achieving French girl style based on my observations while in France and from following some amazing French women on YouTube and Instagram. Thanks so much for watching! xx Audrey

Slow & Sustainable Fashion Find No. 2: L'Envers

*This post contains a sweater that I was gifted from the brand under no obligation to share. As always, this post contains an honest review.

l'envers-sweater-review-thursday boots.jpg


I first discovered L’Envers on Instagram last year and have followed and admired their gorgeous work ever since. The brand founded in 2015, works to offer quality over quantity for a durable and timeless wardrobe that transcends seasons. All of their pieces are knitted in small family workshops/ateliers in Spain where Julie the founder lives with her family. The development of the brand and their commitment to quality is helping to give a voice to local artisans specializing in knitwear.

inch beach dingle ireland.jpg

Their attention to detail doesn’t stop there though and the brand also selects raw materials and fibers exclusively from French and Spanish spinning mills that are not only reputable, but also respectful of the environments - what’s not to love!?

Unsurprisingly, after reading their mission statement and scouring their website and past lookbooks, I added one of their lovely cardigans to my wish list - a slot that had been vacant and waiting for a specific brand. I love everything they stand for, their timeless designs and varied color options which can be so hard to find at times.

Then, earlier this year, Julie reached out with the generous offer to gift me one of their newer releases, the Anna cardigan in a beautiful off white cotton. I was taken aback by her generosity and of course, ecstatic to be able to support a brand that I had grown to love before even becoming a customer. Plus, the cardigan would arrive before my trip to Ireland making it the perfect way to test it out and enjoy it when it had already started to heat up where I live.

l'envers-sweater-review-pantos paris-thursday boots review-.jpg
inch beach ireland-.jpg


When I received the cardigan, one of the first things that struck me was the attention to detail in the presentation.

My sweater came beautifully wrapped in tissue and ribbon with an accompanying branded reusable tote bag - how perfect!

The next thing that struck me was how perfectly knitted and silky soft to the touch it was - heavenly.

l'envers-sweater-review-pantos paris-thursday boots review.jpg
l'envers cotton sweater review -_.jpg

The fit is slightly oversized, especially on my 5’3 petite frame but it works in a relaxed, cozy way and not in a sloppy way. I have it in a size small and only need to push up the sleeves slightly to fit my shorter arms - something I do with my sweaters anyway. As far as the overall length goes, I think it’s ideal. I’m covered for warmth but not drowned, and it looks just as great with skirts as it does with dresses, pants and jeans.

l'envers-sweater-review-thursday boots-pantos-paris-.jpg

Here, you can see one of the ways I styled it in Ireland with my white button up shirt, black jeans and lace up ankle boots. I was comfortable all day long from a small hike to a walk on the beach and then onto dinner.

dingle ireland-l'envers sweater-slow fashion.jpg

I’ve had the sweater now for a few months and have worn it pretty regularly (as an extra layer at the movies and indoors while working in the AC but also many days during my trip and it’s still in perfect condition. I even slipped and fell in the mud one of my days in Ireland and was able to hand wash the sweater in the sink of our Airbnb and air dry it with no problems. The mud came out effortlessly with no discoloration left behind and didn’t shrink or lose it’s shape at all.

Overall, I’m so impressed with L’Envers, Julie and this beautiful forever sweater and I hope to add another to my closet someday in wool - maybe in navy or green.