Spring Capsule Planning | Inspiration, Outfits, Color Palette & Shopping List

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Today's video is all about my spring 2018 capsule wardrobe plan!

Planning is essential to ensure that you have a successful, versatile capsule and here, I'm outlining my own plan for spring 2018. This includes everything from my inspiration for the season, a few key looks I plan to have on rotation, my color palette and of course my shopping and wish list.

While parts of this information are definitely only applicable to spring, the general process is one that I use for every capsule to ensure that I have a versatile well-rounded selection of pieces that I can happily wear all season without getting bored. 


Before we hop into the details for this capsule specifically, I want to give a quick rundown of my capsule wardrobe process on the whole. I did a more detailed overview of this process here, but essentially I start each capsule with the same base regardless of the season. This base consists of core closet staples that I can and do wear year-round. For me personally, these tend to be a white shirt, black skirt, black pants and other versatile pieces that create the perfect foundation for seasonal and trendy items that I swap in and out for each capsule. 


Before I actually tackle my closet and solidify my capsule each season, I like to gather some inspiration to help me visualize what I want to wear. I like to do this over on Pinterest (you can see my board here) and this inspiration includes everything from the colors I want to showcase to the emotions I want to feel and of course, the outfits I want to live in all season long. Once I've gathered some inspiration that represents my vibe for the season, I go through those images and pull out a few key elements that make the whole process a lot easier. 


First up is a few key outfits that I can easily recreate. As you're going through your inspiration images you'll start to notice a few key pieces and outfits that you can start to pull out. By honing in on these outfits you can more easily identify the pieces you already have in your closet and any that you may need to add for a well-rounded capsule. 

white t shirt inspiration.jpg


This season, I'm loving a simple white tee and jeans. This simple outfit should come as no surprise if you've been here before and it's an effortless combination that I wear year-round with different accessories, outerwear and shoes so I have no doubt that I'll wear it a ton this spring as well. 


Next up is light, airy outfits that feature classic silhouettes in lightweight linen - extra points for monochromatic takes on this. Since moving back down south I've rediscovered my love for linen and this spring I'm craving this breathable fabric crafted into classic styles. Unsurprisingly, I'm also looking forward to incorporating it into a variety of monochromatic outfits for a familiar take on summer's favorite fabric. 

linen outfits .jpg
midi skirt outfit.jpg


With the exception of my favorite black skirt, I tend to pick pants and shorts over skirts but lately I'm loving the look of a midi skirt and simple blouse.

I love the look of a solid or printed skirt and I'm looking forward to wearing one or both this spring. 


spring capsule wardrobe color palette.jpg

Once I've pulled out a few key outfits, I go through those images and start to pull out my color palette for the season. Now, because I start every capsule with the same base of colors my foundational shades are always the same and this season is no different. So, for spring 2018 I'll be working with a base of black, white and grey with accent colors of blue (which will be showcased in my denim), ivory, navy and pops of pastel pink (maybe purple) and hints of green. 


Now for the fun part, my shopping and wish list! As I do every season, I create a shopping list/ wish list of pieces that I think will compliment my wardrobe nicely that season. As you know, I don't like to rush my shopping and instead, I prefer to take my time before making a purchase to ensure that I only buy pieces that I can wear a variety of ways and preferably for more than one year.


First up, I'm on the hunt for a relaxed, white shirt in either poplin or linen (maybe even both if the price is right!). I love white shirts and the one I have right now has a more structured silhouette and I would love to have a looser option for casual days. I've currently got my eye on this cotton option from Everlane and this linen one from Grana


Next up, I would love a pair of simple sandals that I can wear with everything. Ideally, these will be ethically sourced and feature a silhouette that I can easily wear with everything not only this spring but also throughout the summer and for years to come. I love these from Everlane and these from Nisolo


jcrew linen shorts.jpg
linen shorts - elizabeth-suzann-linen-shorts.jpg

Next, I would love to add a pair of black linen shorts to my closet. I have an old pair of white ones from J.Crew that I've had for a long time and I think a black pair would help round everything out. I've been so happy with my J.Crew shorts that I'll likely look for the same shorts on eBay or Poshmark. If I can't find them, I love these and these from Elizabeth Suzann.  



Last but certainly not least, I can't wait to add a signet ring to my everyday jewelry collection this season! Here, I've been sharing a complete rundown of my partnership with Ruff's Signet Rings on this special piece and I can't wait to be able to incorporate it into my personal style.  

You know how much I love belts, and this season I would love to add a textured, vintage one in either black or brown to my collection. I will likely pick this up from ETSY or eBay and I'll be sure to share my final selection with you when the time comes. 

And that's everything!

I really hope you found this helpful if you're working on your own capsule at the moment and you can see my corresponding video to the right for a quick rundown of everything I've outlined here.

Thanks so much for stopping by!