Summer is practically synonymous with travel and each year a few cities stand out as the go-to spots for a week away. Over the next few days, I'm going to share a mock 1 week packing guide for some of the top travel destinations in the country. Since I'm lucky enough to call Charleston home, let's kick things off with this lovely southern city. 

When visiting Charleston in the summer, it will undoubtedly be hot, VERY hot. The average temps from June through August hover right around 90 degrees with a constant heat index of over 100. Couple that with the soaring humidity, and you have a perfect recipe for soupy, often uncomfortable conditions. Despite this though, you can still have a wonderful time if you plan correctly and bring along plenty of airy cotton and linen. Trust me, summer in the south and synthetic fabrics don't mix. 

To compliment the gorgeous colors that line every historic street downtown, I've selected a palette pf pale blue, white and pink. For footwear I've chosen a simple pair of sandals, slip on sneakers for the days you want to walk a lot and espadrilles for dressing things up slightly from day to night.

For accessories, I would bring your finer pieces and avoid anything plated or faux because it can discolor and tarnish very quickly when you're sweating constantly.

For handbags, I would bring a light straw bag and a smaller clutch or crossbody with a chain instead of a leather strap because if you're planning on walking a lot and inevitably sweating while wearing your bag's strap across your chest, the leather dye can sometimes transfer, and stain your clothes. 

A great pair of sunglasses and a straw bag complete everything.