Checking In & A Quick Channel & Blog Update

Happy Friday! I hope you’ve had a nice week and are looking forward to the weekend. I recently took an unexpected mini-hiatus from YouTube and the blog because a) I needed a mental break b) I was under the weather and then c) my phone broke. It hasn’t been the best stretch, and for someone that tries really hard to always be optimistic and stay motivated, it’s been a tough start to the year. I’m feeling much better now and I’ll share more about how I worked to mentally & creatively recharge and recenter myself soon.

In the meantime though, I will have a new video on Sunday. This video has a slightly different style and format that I hope you like. I want it to signal a slight shift in what I’m creating as I charge forward for the rest of 2019. When I started my channel I did so with the intent of creating the content that I wanted to see. Content that I felt was largely missing from the platforms I followed, and content that can help inspire and motivate those who consume it. Through every step of the process I always try and stay in tune with where it naturally takes me and I’ve been feeling a shift coming for the last few months that I really want to embrace. So, you can expect to see more lifestyle content centered around how I’m always working to grow beyond just my wardrobe. When I first decided to downsize my life, reduce the clutter and focus on style over fashion years ago it was so that I could enhance my life and create a meaningful experience full of fulfilling memories that I hold far more dear to my heart than any physical possessions.

Also, as with everything in life the tides take us in different and often unexpected places and most recently those tides have been shifting away from blogging. As I’m sure you’ve noticed, blogging across the board has taken the back seat to YouTube and other platforms and I want to make sure I’m using my time as effectively as possible in order to continue to grow what I’ve worked so hard to create. Rather than continue to invest my time and energy into a platform that is fading away, I want to redirect that into valuable time spent on the future of content creation. As a one woman show, it can be a lot to keep up every week and though I’m very lucky to have Jason’s help now, it’s still often unmanageable. I’d rather do 1 thing at 100% than 4 things at 25%. To take control of this shift I’ll be posting less frequently on here, and spending even more time creating videos for my YouTube channel. I am always working to upgrade the quality of my content and offer something to this space that I think will add value. I never want to just add to the noise and instead try to be very intentional and thoughtful with what I contribute.

Before I close this out I also want to thank you for following along, commenting and checking in. I have received so many heart-felt messages and I’m still working to get to all of them - another thing I want to make more time for this year. I promise to get to you soon and I hope you have a wonderful rest of the day.

xx Audrey