London Packing Update | What I Did & Didn't Wear And My Updated Recommendations


Today I want to share a recap of everything I packed for London along with what I actually wore.

I love posts like this because I find it so helpful to see what people planned, packed and actually wore.

Below, I’ve listed everything I brought along with notes about how many times I wore everything and how it worked for the activities we had planned and the weather etc.

After that, at the end of this post I outlined what I would bring if I re-did my packing again.


If I had to redo my list, here’s what I would bring:

  1. Plaid Coat

  2. Barbour Jacket (or a trench coat)

  3. Tweed Jacket (or a black blazer)

  4. White LS Shirt

  5. White SS T-Shirt (x2)

  6. Black LS T-Shirt (x2)

  7. Black Pull-On Pants

  8. Black Wool Pants

  9. Black Skirt

  10. Dark Wash Jeans

  11. Black Cashmere Sweater or Cotton Sweater

  12. Orange Cashmere Sweater

  13. Ankle Boots

  14. Ballet Flats or Cute Sneakers

  15. Scarves

  16. Crossbody Purse