2018 Recap & some 2019 hopes


This year, like every year, was a mix of good, bad and ordinary. Though I only share the good on social media, I’ve been working on welcoming the ups and downs as an important part of life. I’ve been trying to get better at riding the waves and enjoying the twists and turns they provide. Rather than feel disappointed and discontented when I either don’t meet a goal or I start to compare myself to others, I’ve been working on feeling settled in the moment. It’s easy to say, but everyone’s path truly does look different, and we never know what life has in store for us. The only thing I am certain of, is that life is a wild ride and while it’s certainly a good idea to set goals and hold ourselves accountable for personal growth, it’s equally important to not rush the process. With this sentiment fresh in my mind, I want to take a moment to reflect on the last 365 days before I welcome 2019 with open arms and zero expectations but a few hopes.

2018 Recap

In 2018 I …..

Stuck to a schedule of posting twice a week and was blown away by the warm reception I received from so many of you. As a result, I was able to make this my full-time job and I feel so lucky to do so

Traveled to Tuscany, London, Asheville, Maine, The Cape, Florida and Costa Rica

Finally painted the living room and hung some of the many pictures and paintings we’ve been collecting

Found a stray kitten in my neighborhood and worked with the Charleston Animal Society to find her a loving home

2019 Hopes

In 2019 I hope to ….

Travel more. I feel so lucky that I’ve been able to travel frequently and this year I hope to see even more of this beautiful world

Become more comfortable speaking Spanish. Since I’ve heard it my whole life, I can understand at an almost fluent level, but I can’t quite speak at one and I’d like to change that this year

Continue to create content that provides a service and hopefully help at least one person with every video. So much of the content I produce is a result of things I wish someone had taught me, and it lights my passion on fire when I receive a comment or e-mail from someone saying that my videos have helped them

Reignite my passion for singing and performing. Many of you know that I’m a classically trained vocalist, but since graduating and entering the real world, I haven’t made nearly enough time for my first love - it takes a lot of time! To make up for lost time, this year I’d like to rebalance the scales a bit. I truly believe that artistic expression is such a healthy and important thing to share, and I miss doing so through song

Welcome my 32nd year on this earth with a smile and good health

Relearn how to ride a bike without falling off haha!