Fall 2018 Capsule Planning | Images & Details

It’s that time of year again! Even though I’ve been passively planning my fall capsule for the last month or so, today I’m excited to share the full plan behind my capsule this season. If you want to skip the reading and see everything in video format instead, you can watch my video here.


Like I do with every capsule/season change, let’s start with my inspiration and goals. These are the feelings, general looks and the vibe that I want to channel for the new season and identifying at least a few of these helps me stay on track with my closet prep and hone in on any updates I may want to make.

  • Effortless essentials worn in new ways | One of the things I’m looking forward to this season is making the most of what I’ve so carefully curated over the years. Now that I’m 31 I’ve amassed a nice fall wardrobe full of timeless essentials that I look forward to wearing every year and this year is no different. I’m particularly excited about reworking my existing pieces with a new silhouette or two. Specifically, I’m loving the look of higher rise denim and pants paired with slouchier knits and would love to experiment with the crop flare trend - or in my case culottes. I think they look so cute paired with ankle boots and sleek flats.

  • All things plaid | Plaid and fall were practically made for each other and this season I’m excited to add a few new plaid pieces into the mix. I’m particularly interested in plaid pants and a lightweight plaid coat that I can wear with my favorite monochromatic fall looks.

  • Skin is in | Since turning 30 I’ve been putting a stronger emphasis on skincare and really trying to find routines that I can rely on to keep my skin bright, smooth and blemish free all year long. Despite many years of working in beauty public relations and learning from some of the best dermatologists and estheticians around, I still haven’t found a fail-proof routine for my skin but this fall I’m making that a priority. I’ve already invested a great deal of time into my skin this year and plan to continue doing so throughout the fall when my skin tends to turn on me with the changing weather.

  • Delicate Accessories | You know how much I love statement, costume jewelry and while I still wear many of my bolder necklaces and earrings, this fall I’m all about the delicate touches. I can’t wait to wear my favorite dainty pieces in solid gold and I hope to add a few more pieces to my small fine jewelry collection.


Now, I want to share a few of the key outfits I hope to recreate this season. Pulling these from my Pinterest board helps me pinpoint the silhouettes I can work with and any new items I may want to add in order to recreate these. Below, I’ve outlined a few of my favorites.

Slouchy, Neutral Knits

Plaid - Worn In A Relaxed Way

Monochromatic With Different Textures

Faux Fur



This season I’m loving most of my usual fall colors anchored by my go-to neutrals.

For my base, I’ll be sticking to black, white, grey and camel. For my accent colors I’m loving blue, navy, brown, olive green and a few pops of maroon here and there.


Now I want to share some of the new things I’ve added to my closet for fall. These are all things I know I’ll get a lot of use out of and I can’t wait for it to get cooler enough to wear them!

Naadam Cashmere Sweater | First up is this gorgeous rust colored sweater from Naadam. This cashmere sweater is part of their newly launched $75 cashmere collection and features unisex sizing. I picked this up in their smallest size (xs) and find that it’s long in the arms but overall a very nice fit for an oversized look.

Everlane Cotton Crew | Next is the Everlane Cotton Crew in Ochre. I love these sweaters and they’re absolutely perfect for spring, fall and winter. They’re a nice medium weight cotton and lay so beautifully. They look classic but also modern and this greenish brown is perfect for fall. I have this in XXS.

Grana Cashmere Sweater | Another sweater I picked up is this light brown cashmere crew from Grana. I love Grana’s cashmere and this sweater is perfectly in line with their quality. It’s super soft, a fantastic cut and the XS fits me perfectly. If you use this link, you can get 10% off your first order.


Small Gold Hoops | In keeping with my delicate jewelry vibes this season, I picked up these small gold hoops from Stone & Strand. I love how delicate and classic these earrings are. Plus, they’re incredibly comfortable to wear and are crafted from 14k solid gold.

Plaid Coat | I love plaid and this season I’ve added a plaid coat to my wardrobe and I hope to add a pair of plaid pants.

The coat is from Zara but I picked it up on Poshmark for a steal! I had it tailored slightly to fit me perfectly and I think it’s a perfect way to try out the look without having to invest too much money yet.

I’m not positive how much wear I’ll get out of it and this is a great way for me to experiment without breaking the bank.


Faux Fur Coat & Stole | Last but not least I’ve added two faux fur items to my fall closet. First up is this faux fur stole from Asos. I got this on sale for under $20 and I think it will be perfect for my fall and winter wardrobes. I love the different neutral tones and can’t wait to wear it! Unfortunately it’s now sold out but you may be able to find it in store or restocked soon. Next is a faux fur coat by Tavik that I’ve been holding onto for a few months now. Much like the stole, I love the lighter tones in this and think they’ll go perfectly with my darker outfits this fall and winter. Plus, I think the colors suit my hair and skin color better than some of the darker ones I’ve seen.